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Found 2 results

  1. Since bigstockphoto belongs to Shutterstock, I'm posting here. I've had a few pictures ready and sent for approval, only to find out they come back to the "Pending your edit" section. I submit them again, and after a while, they come back to the pending edit section - nothing is missing, I can simply submit them again without any changes. Something is going on, please look into it.
  2. Hi, since 30th April anytime when I submit Editorial images, bigstock rejects it with this message: "Reason: Editorial Designation -- This content can only be accepted for editorial use. Please select the "Editorial Usage" box on the "Info" tab before submitting." Of course, the images were submitted as Editorial and selected the "Editorial Usage". When I asked the support team, the answer is always the same: "1. submit smaller batches.2. don't use the multi-select to edit many images, try selecting editorial 1 image at at time, this may be a workaround. It is observed that metadata gets duplicated when multiselect is chosen.3. select the editorial category in addition to the checkbox.4. avoid apostrophes, brackets and so forth in the metadata." Okay, they don't read the emails just copy+paste the same text to everybody but I only submitted one image. I thought one image in a batch is quite small. Looks like not. I experience this issue since 30th April and after 3 weeks still nothing changed. Maybe bigstock does not accept editorial images anymore just forgot to inform the contributors. I checked the bigstock's blog, facebook and twitter but did not see any messages about this issue. Actually, they did not post anything since January. Do you know, what is going on there? Why bigstock does not accept editorial images? Why bigstock is not willing to fix the issue?
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