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Found 16 results

  1. this is about digital altered, painted images etc. it really happens ALL THE TIME and i am getting a bit sick of it: day 1: i upload an image and submit is as illustration.... i get the rejection message i can not submit it as illustration. day 2: i upload the same image and do not check "illustration"... i get the message i must submit it as illustration. day 3: i upload the same image and submit is as illustration.. i get the rejection message i can not submit it as illustration. ... ad nauseam when this happens i always give a notice to the r
  2. And the lowest monthly income in 3-4 years....good job Shutterstock...
  3. Today I reached a milestone and maybe a turningpoint with images uploaded to Shutterstock, earnings cut in half since last year by capping and favoring newcomers. Today with a port with diverse photos exceeding 15k images, one download (1)... Will not upload more of the MMA photos from yesterday, it will go to other agencies, just sayin... bad, bad, bad
  4. Wow, this is very bad, who got downloads this couple of months, considering to stop my uploads anyway...I have a cut of 2/3s...
  5. The new system of uploading photos is very bad. It works very slow. I prefer the previous version...
  6. Could anybody here tell why is keyword Santorini invalid ??
  7. Hi everyone, I don't know why but this month is terrible for me in the aspect of earnings. Now it's about half of the earnings I have as usual. Does Shutterstock have a trouble or is it my misfortune only? What about your july month? Thanks.
  8. Hi! I've been here for a month and I have not sold anything. Can you help me with some advice because I don't know where my mistakes are. I hope there's someone who will help me :(. https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Pius thx.
  9. I am fairly new to SS and really enjoy the whole photo process but my sales are so sporadic that it just seems like a waste of time. I mean, I have an average of 12 or 13 downloads per month and at this rate my first minimum payout will happen in a year which is ridiculous. I guess the question is - are my photos that bad?! Any advice is appreciated, and thank you.
  10. I thought this was an interesting clip to watch. I agree with almost everything they comment about, particularly the 'perceived value' of photography today and the efforts we should all try to maintain a value to what we create. Our Real Job: http://www.cogentmarketing.co.uk/ Our Other Real Job: https://www.madcowmo...y?referid=18880
  11. Should I delete old bad footages? ... like this: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-5881484-stock-footage-blinking-and-moving-defocused-pink-violet-dot-light-hd-p-loop.html?src=gallery/4FaUNSfDF9ujjS10DH5g4w:7:50
  12. Hi I loved shutterstock and things went well for me the last years. But now suddenly i got a big drop in sales from about minus 80 % in the last 2 -3 Month. I didnt change anything and uploaded new, but sometimes I get 1 sale a day when i got at least 30 a day. Anyone else with this problem ?? Did shutterstock do something to the search algorithm ? Do they lose buyers ? Im really sad and if this trend continious, im out because its way to much work for almost nothing in return know. And shutterstock used to be my best selling stock base .... :-( Curious greetings Tobi
  13. Hello, Yesterday I was very sad . I looked my vector works here: http://larastock.com/shutterstock-photo-303802571/?url=search%2Fscreenprint%2F I writes to Shutterstock about it. Do you look your own works and photos here?
  14. Hey. It turns out the review inconsistency at shutterstock is legendary. Had some images refused for model release issues while some others were accepted. Then I uploaded a new model release, only to find out that the same thing happens. While some editors are accepting the model release, others will refuse it. I wrote support about this issue and asked what am I doing wrong - cause I was thinking that I am the problem. Well, their answer was quite stunning: my MRs WERE OK, maybe I should add more data to some fields - although these fields are not even present on SS mr form. Of cour
  15. I had the ever more uplifting experience of contributing to this site brought to a new high with the rejection of 10 out of 13 videos with some of the rejections with the rejection reason left blank and others for keyword relevancy. I understand the reviewer would be and expert on the local tourist attractions of the world heritage areas of Tasmania and its vernacular from the distant shores they occupy, but the files rejected without any reason given, well that's a new one. Contributing to these sites is such a demoralising experience it would be probably more rewarding to be a crack add
  16. I pass very bad selling days here in shutterstock. My download rate decreased suddenly from average of 10/day to some 1/day just from previous week. This is increadable for me. You seem anything has frozen. or SS has abandoned. Anybody knows anything about this?
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