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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, As a relative newbie to Shutterstock (been submitting for a couple of years on and off...), yes I haven't submitted a huge amount compared to most. But...I get frustrated with how much a lot of photos seem to be very enhanced, even to a point of "that seriously has been over done". Now, I am a big fan of enhancing images but reading the guidelines for submission, Shutterstock are quite specific on enhancing images. I guess I want to know: 1. Do most people here push the limits on enhancing? 2. Do you just submit straight out of camera? 3. Should I just do it anyway and if it gets rejected - redo? 4. Have people found it depends on who is reviewing on the day and how they are feeling at the time of review - 'cause I've come across some inconsistencies with my submissions. I would really love to increase my sales and sometimes I feel I need to enhance my photos a lot more. I also understand that people that purchase from Shutterstock would like "untouched" photos and surely there most be a lot of purchasers that would like a fully creative finished photo? I've attached 2 photos here that I've enhanced. Would love some thoughts, feedback and hear about others experience. Lucky last question: Do most Contributors also host their own websites with a Digital Download Store and how is that going for you? How do you market your Portfolios?
  2. Shutterstock publishes monthly content guidelines that are likely to be requested in the near future. But it also means that competition for this content will increase. On the other hand, if your interests do not include follow of the best guidelines, but simply You wish to capture those photo moments that seem attractive, the content which buys the most from You can differ. In my experience there are two types of captures: in one case they buy something that is beautiful and refined, but in other cases, they buy something that is close to our daily life - sometimes it is not beautiful and not refined, but it just happens in life. But in any case, false artificialness does not promote sales.
  3. From the album: Notebook drawings

    Drawing colored with watercolor
  4. Spirituality Of A Person Shines Even in the darkest phase of his life!

    © Faraz Khan Photography

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