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Found 33 results

  1. Show your latest approved image related to religion. Here is mine. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/beautiful-old-wooden-crucifix-dust-spiderweb-1749746489
  2. I've uploaded images which have been approved but my portfolio in my catalogue manger is empty. How do I upload the reviewed images? Thank you, Kylie
  3. A lot of images rejected due to Missing Property Release while in these images not violence any property .
  4. THIS IS AN OLD THREAD SOMEONE ELSE REPLIED TO AND PULLED TO THE TOP. DO NOT REPLY TO MY ORIGINAL 2-YEAR-OLD QUESTION! Hello all, I've been selling stock photos on another site for over a year now. Since I've gotten a better camera, I decided to try Shutterstock as well. I'm struggling to get photos approved though. I do a lot of depth of field photography and most of those got rejected because "The main subject of this image is not in focus." Today, I tried uploading photos that I've sold elsewhere with a broader focus, but most of them were rejected for "Illustrative Editorial Keyword Requirement" and I don't know what that means. A few have been rejected because of the Caption. Help! I've been looking on the site for 1. something that explains what the rejection comments refer to and 2. for a way to edit the rejected photos. Or do you have to go through the whole resubmission process again?? Any help is appreciated!! ~Marg
  5. I've submited 4 photos and they are now already approved. But i would like to change those photos. I've made some color corrections that i believe would make them more attractive to the customer, and i'd like to submit these new versions of those same images, and discard the old ones that are approved. Is that possible? Anyway to achieve that? Thks!
  6. Hello, Recently realized that I forgot to attach an associated EPS file to an approved image. Is there any option to upload it now?
  7. Around two weeks ago I uploaded a vector with a football theme that had the "Russia" text on it and in the title, the words "world championship" in the keywords. First it got rejected because of the title and the keywords after that they asked me to remove the "Russia" text from the vector, now I find this portfolio with a bunch of "fifa world cup" titled vectors https://www.shutterstock.com/g/samorodinov?page=1&searchterm=russia&measurement=px&sort=popular&safe=true&search_source=base_gallery&language=en&saveFiltersLink=true (I thought this was a trademark) and the also have the Russia text on them, all of them... what kind of preferential treatment is this, is this guy a relative? I had no downloads on the vectors I uploaded after the requested changes....
  8. Hi, Can anyone tell me where is the deleted item button (red X button)? Since there's no approved item menu in this site? It's important for me when I need to remove or replace with new item. Thanks,
  9. Hi all, How long does it usually take for approved footage to actually become searchable? A few of my clips were approved on Saturday, and I still can't find them when I search for them. Thanks guys! E_Rocka
  10. Hello everyone, My question is about the duration you normally spend to get your images approved? I am asking because it is becoming normal for me to wait 3 days before I get approved so, is this the case for the majority or what? Kindly share your experience, THANKS,
  11. My picture has been approved two week ago but its showing as released:N still. What shall I do?
  12. Hello. I have a sad story. January 26 received an image confirmation (Photo Id 1009170451) and it is still in the folder "Batches Pending Approval". I immediately wrote about the problem in technical support, but so far the situation remains the same. When I try to download this image again and present it as the number of the previous case, then the picture does not confirm to me. Has removed a problem image, has loaded anew. I wait for check and I tremble.
  13. I am here in Micro stock photography for not more than 3 months. I feel and rather wish to request SS to add column to see stats of number of views an image got. On some other sites these kind of stats available. many of images that downloaded were only have 1 or views. There are images which got views in two digit but still no downloads. I feel these data can be useful. How I see it that the images that got more views are among which are more in demand but they are not getting download because either they have any problem, or are not among the best options available for users and that need improvement. Thus it will help a contributor to improve its work and sale and SS too contributors will be able to identify images in demand and uploading better work. What experts say.
  14. Hey all, Recently i got approved after submitting a set of 10 images, and i have added some more images to my portfolio, but i see not even a single download, i've searched so, but not found anything more better than "Upload more and more to increase chances of sales", i use mobile device for photography which is good but not enough to do so, any good advice on how can i get everything started, thanks.
  15. Hello, I am new here at Shutterstock. Some of my approved images got the same title/caption of another image. I was trying to correct that by going to portfolio-approved photos and EDIT image but nothing happened. I thought I had to wait for some time to see the changes appear but it did not work either. Please help. Thank you.
  16. Hello, I just created my account 5 days ago with SS, and already have 10 approved photos and only 1 rejection. I don't have any sales yet, can anyone tell me why? Am i doing something wrong? I try to use as many keywords as possible ( Minimum 20 ). I know that it takes time, A LOT of time. Just want to make sure I'm doing everything right. Any other advice would be great! Let me know what you think of my pictures.
  17. One of my recently approved images looks dull to me and I want to increase the saturation in Photoshop. Is there a way to edit the existing approved image or do I need to delete it and upload it again? Are there any issues with uploading such a similar image twice?
  18. I uploaded a batch 154167796 (06/08/2017) with 7 photos as Editorial illustrative. the whole batch was approved, got active and then deleted several hours ago. Why could this happen? It is hard to believe in branding/logos/etc. reasons because there are approved active photos of the same locations from other contributors.
  19. Hi Everyone! I am new here, just approved my first vector , but it says Approved status but "Released: N" , not able to see that approved image in my portfolio, help needed. Thanks! Adi.
  20. Hello, I am very new to this website, I recently submit the first image which was then approved. Now I see the image in the "approved" section, but it does not result as "active", thus my portfolio is still empty. In the guidelines I have not found anything about this, is it just a matter of more time to wait? Do I have to do something more to "activate" the image? Also, this might be related, if I do an image search with my tags, I do not find my photo, but I do find it if I paste the photo ID on the searchbar. Many thanks, EliaM
  21. Hi, Example : https://www.shutterstock.com/search?searchterm=illustrations&search_source=base_search_form&language=en&page=1&sort=newest&safe=true The section "illustration" when click "new". How long does it takes from an image being approved to go there ? I have some approved recently but I don't see those in "new" Thanks
  22. Hello! I have approved the batch of video about a week ago (Batch ID: 5477587 (02/14/2017), but the files still do not appear in the gallery and they can not be found on the site by name, only by ID. However, video files that approved later are in the gallery now. Are there some problems with site or with files? Thank you!
  23. anyone have this problem during these days?why the image review so slowly and the approved image takes long time to show on the new file?
  24. anyone one knew:why the image is approved,but it can.t open the link: "This image is pending approval or doesn't exist"
  25. Hey Guys So, I need help again..Haha Glad you folks are here! I am needing to add some tags to images in my port. I have searched up and down for this option, and can't seem to find how to do this. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks again for how awesome you've all been! Rebekah
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