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  1. Hallo, I use contributor-app for android, keep it updated and I never see approval/rejection feedback for videos. It's only me? It's a bug or by design? And if it's by design... why? :-(
  2. @Alex Shutterstock @Anna Shutterstock Can you please tell us what is going on with the reviewing system recently? There is at least 3 issues: 1) Longer time for reviewing image 2) Images are locked in pending while already processed 3) Accepted images are not in portfolio A couple of weeks ago, some accepted images were missing in portfolio and now that...
  3. Hi, I wondered if an admin can see this they could help, I write my first post in the contributor experience channel and it says I have to wait for first post to be approved. But It's been 7 days now though so not sure if it's been missed? Many thanks
  4. Hello, both of these photos were rejected because it's out of focus and noise. Even though i've used a noise reducer in Photoshop and the object is quite focused enough for me. Should I retake? or maybe is there something I can work with using Photoshop? thanks for the help!
  5. A few weeks back I submitted a set of photos (18 in all). They duly appeared as "pending approval" on the site, but having not seen any confirmation / rejection emails since, I've just checked and they're nowhere to be seen. Where did they go?
  6. Hello All I don't just submit my work to Shutterstock, I have two others. Its not all 'doom and gloom' as I must give Shutterstock a pat on the back for the speed at which they decline images and video's. Lets start with Video's. I had one declined recently which made me laugh. I was videoing a very nice flower in my garden. I put the flower (potted) on an electric turntable and set up my camera on its tripod. I filmed for 30 seconds, color corrected it and submitted it. It was declined. I queried it and was told that it was declined because the background was subject was moving. Fir
  7. I'm a photojournalist and I often cover newsworthy events and news that need to be uploaded as soon as posible, does anyone know how can shuttestock approve this kind of content?
  8. Review times are getting ridiculously slow and seem to be staying that way. For non recent event images I can live with that. But if you are taking images for a recent event for editorial use....well by the time you have reviewed them the potential purchaser has gone elsewhere as the event is long gone. I can't see how this helps either Shutterstock or ourselves financially. It is ok saying "we are working on the backlog", but does that involve recruiting and training new reviewers? Because there clearly aren't enough for the volume of work submitted. Editorial images I rea
  9. Hi, I wrote my first post 2 days back in 'Contributer Experience' forum and it's still in waiting list pending moderator approval. So, who are this "moderators" and how long does it normally take for a post to get approved??
  10. The big plus of this company was quick approval against the competition, but this is also gone. Is the reason for waiting and 5 days technical fault? Or will it still be?
  11. Hello everyone, My question is about the duration you normally spend to get your images approved? I am asking because it is becoming normal for me to wait 3 days before I get approved so, is this the case for the majority or what? Kindly share your experience, THANKS,
  12. Hi everyone New to SS and trying to learn the ropes. I submitted 10 photos and had 7 accepted. A few questions below that I have searched the forum for but can't pinpoint. - In my approved photos batch, it says "Released: N" - is there a lag between approval and release (by which I assume it means available for downloading). I can't see my photos when I search for them in the SS gallery. - If a photo is rejected for inappropriate category, can you edit this or do you need to delete the photo and resubmit? Thanks! Pep
  13. Hello. I have a sad story. January 26 received an image confirmation (Photo Id 1009170451) and it is still in the folder "Batches Pending Approval". I immediately wrote about the problem in technical support, but so far the situation remains the same. When I try to download this image again and present it as the number of the previous case, then the picture does not confirm to me. Has removed a problem image, has loaded anew. I wait for check and I tremble.
  14. Hello, everyone! I have a question about editorial content - why it takes so much time to approve editorial content? Sometimes I have to wait even 5 days. I guess it's too long for editorial content. such as news/sports etc.
  15. Greetings! I'm a new contributor on Shutterstock. The site has approved all my first 10 videos, but I don´t get what I have to do to start selling right now.
  16. Hi everyone, as a Shutterstock newbie I stumble over intersting things. One issue I don`t get on with is the rejection of the attached photo. It was stated: I asked for review: Now, the picture shows an ordinary pedestrian and cyclists underpass with walls covered by illegal graffity, no Banksy thing on a Norman Foster building. How am I supposed to get an artwork release for illegal graffity or a property release for a sidewalk? I`m curious, is there a way to get it published? 201700007_UnterfUtbremerStr.tif
  17. 1) It's very strange on Aproval Status Imagepage in Area with rejected photo says: «Rejected photos will be automaticaly deleted after 7 day»! It's never happened! You can see by datewhat some of my photos there since 2016... 2) I have sometime different sybols in the different areas of the site. Like example reason of rejection on the attached screenshot. 3) Some photos still hangin in the Approval status «Batches Pending Approval» like «Currently being processed» since June 2017! Shutter stock support not answering on any my messages. (send 5-7 messages and all they ar
  18. Hello, I was wondering how people has managed to approval with their JPG mockup of the respective EPS. I attached the example to give you better understanding. It's my own work, every time I submitted it I got rejection said that the JPEG preview does not match the EPS file. Do both image (JPG & EPS) has to be exactly the same? Thanks in advance for your help. Regards
  19. For some reason. Today I've been waiting for approval on some editorial pics I've uploaded. They usually get approved quickly but today they're not. How long does it take to approve Editorial pics? I understand if commercial images take longer to be reviewed. My concern is when you created content for editorial purposes. The images lose relevance if it takes to long to be approved. Please can someone help me understand.
  20. Hello everyone. For the second weekend in a row I've been trying to upload images and they simply sit in my pending approval window. This doesn't happen during the week. I'm wondering if there's a glitch or my files are stuck. (I have tried to delete them and re upload them if anyone thinks that is the problem.) I'd like to know if Shutterstock reviews editorial images/illustrations on weekends? I'm uploading some current news event illustrations and they're obviously losing relevance by the day. I've attached three examples: 1. PUERTO RICO, CARIBBEAN, 22 September 201
  21. Hi, I am relatively new to Shutterstock. I have several photos that have been approved, but they have not been released. Why would a photo be approved, but not released? Is there anything I need to do to cause the photo to be released? Thanks you, Joe
  22. Hey guys, it's been almost two weeks since I uploaded few photos, but the approval is yet to come. It says that photos are "in pending" so I was wondering whats taking so long? Also, when I try to delete photos it says that my account is in such state that doesn't allow me to do so.
  23. Hi Folks, This is just a quick post to thank everyone who sent their best wishes before my Hip Replacement op. I’ve have now recovered from the op and back on my feet once again, and I have to say it feels good to get back to some sort of normality. I had some nice sales too while I was out of action, so thank you to Shutterstock, and also for approving some new work today. Take care Pam x
  24. Hi I have a batch (149909428) that is pending approval since May 12th. Is there any technical issue with approvals? Usually the turnaround is much faster
  25. Hello fellow phorographers I currently have over 100 images pending approval. However, in my Contributor dashboard, for more than 24 hors now, the number of photos pending approval is zero. Attached image for reference. Regardless, when going to Portfolio -> Approval status: Images, I see all my batches that are pending, with the correct number of images. This never happened in my profile before. I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue? Thank you and happy shooting! Rui
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