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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I want to add my short animated subscribe buttons to my portfolio. I would like to offer a few together as one collection, is this possible? I just don't think it's fair a customer would have to pay as much as a full clip at 4k for one single animated button, but it seems this is the way others have done it. Could I create a video file with a few of the animations running one after each other so the customer can trim to the clip they want to use easily? Many thanks
  2. Hello dear coleagues. I recently started to work on some bakground animations on blender 2.9. The problem is that they were rejected by artifacts/noise reason. I rendered those animations at 4K 60fps some on 128 samples with Cycles (i did probably had some animations at 250 samples) and i used denoising data with denoising nodes in composition window, and some were rendered with Eevee at same sample sizes. Probably Eevee ones were in fact at 250 samples to get rid of clamping and other artifacts. All Blender animations were rejected. Now that is probably due to the fact that i
  3. Long before I started doing this, I had dreams of becoming a professional 3D modeler and animator. I got Lightwave 3D in 2008 and started teaching myself, getting to the point where I was using my 3D skills to help tell the special projects stories I was doing for my TV station back in Detroit. I left TV to pursue that dream professionally in 2013, by attending digital art school in Florida. I was doing well, but the stress became too much to bear and, at the time, I didn't know I had cancer and couldn't figure out why I was so tired all the time. Six years later, I've decided to g
  4. It is interesting who buys animation on stocks. Where do they use animation? For what aims. Which your animation has been downloaded recently? Please, show us! And maybe you know how to find where your animation is used? There are my animation clips https://www.shutterstock.com/video/gallery/4154929?language=en And only one has been downloaded, and it was after Halloween this one. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-20364886-stock-footage-black-flock-of-bats-crosses-the-screen-halloween-transition.html?src=gallery/w3CEMxpp_1ssQKX1lmIrEA:1:13/3p It is simple transition, maybe it has be
  5. I'm going to be putting out a string of 3d animations that contain alpha channels. There is an option to output as a PNG codec (which flattens as having an ugly black background) or obviously a flat white background. I see with many videos on shutterstock the alpha channel is appended to the end of the clip in both 3d and non-3d cases. Ideally I'm looking for a best-practice solution that caters to shutterstock. Anyone have any insights?
  6. Chuck Jones - The Evolution of an Artist A great video from a channel I've just discovered (Every Frame a Painting by Tony Zhou) which seems packed with fascinating content. I don't usually have a lot of patience for YouTube videos, and watch nearly everything at double speed. But I watched the whole of this at normal speed, and then immediately went back to the beginning and watched it all over again. I especially like the section where he showed how minimalist Chuck Jones became.
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