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Found 43 results

  1. https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/image-vector/elephants-seamless-pattern-located-swatch-menu-1421412749?src=K9VEKq0oj1QniqXEV1PMaw-1-50 https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/image-vector/abstract-floral-seamless-pattern-located-swatch-1413502898?src=K9VEKq0oj1QniqXEV1PMaw-1-58
  2. I am new to Shutterstock and misunderstood at first the difference between uploading as editorial and commercial. I started with all editorial and had few rejections. The last batch uploaded as commercial had about half the images rejected, most for "subject not in focus," but I am not really understanding. Is the threshold you must meet in commercial so much higher. I had one dog peaking through a fence shot accepted and a squirrel eating a pumpkin not. The eye was sharp in both cases, but the dog photo head and fence he was peaking through were more on the same plane so that the depth of field was more uniform. Is that what they are looking for? It was rather discouraging to not really understand why one was accepted and the other not. Any ideas?
  3. Hi all, Merry Chrismas as the day approaches. I have been using Sony hvr z5u for all my wildlife and nature footages, which i do exclusively. I see the camera has been overtaken by events and i now need a 4k camera that is light, easy to carry around, but able to shoot quality footages for stock. i have done some reserches and things seem to point to mirrorless cameras. please help in determining which is the best, under 1300usd, which i have saved for such eventuality. is the sony alfa 6300 good enough? is anyone here using it? the question of overheating, that i read in a forum, does it still exist? what do you think of the long term use? as in... will things change so soon to render the morrorless..4k systems obsolete or can they last another 10 years like HD? this constant changes of gear can be costly if not well thought. any input please?
  4. PaulWilliam

    Bon Bon

    From the album: Candles...Cats...& Castles

    British Tabby

    © PaulWilliamPhotography 2018

  5. © Oleksandra Kokhan

  6. From the album: Darren Arena

    © Darren Arena Photography

  7. From the album: MS

  8. Shane St Louis


    A friendly little turtle getting his photo taken for being an awesome lil guy!

    © Shane St. Louis

  9. Shane St Louis


    A lonely Dove sitting on a wooden fence trying to keep warm while in the rain.

    © Shane St. Louis

  10. A random stray cat on my lawn one day relaxing in the grass.

    © Shane St. Louis

  11. From the album: Tennessee Farm Life

    A cow shed tucked away in the trees in NE Tennessee.
  12. Kostsova Maryna

    Two cats

    From the album: Nature

    Two sweet cat , lying on the couch together , of course, cause a smile at everyone who loves cats .

    © Kostsova Maryna

  13. bmicsmith

    20160301 114514

    From the album: Australia and New Zealand 2016

    Australia kangaroo with joey, vertical format

    © 2016 Bruce Michael Smith

  14. bmicsmith

    20160301 124715

    From the album: Australia and New Zealand 2016

    Australian lizards getting cozy

    © 2016 Bruce Michael Smith

  15. bmicsmith

    20160301 115219

    From the album: Australia and New Zealand 2016

    Australian kangaroo with joey in a preserve, vertical format

    © 2016 Bruce Michael Smith

  16. bmicsmith

    20160301 114645

    From the album: Australia and New Zealand 2016

    Two Australian kangaroos in a preserve, vertical format

    © 2016 Bruce Michael Smith

  17. bmicsmith

    20160229 125510

    From the album: Australia and New Zealand 2016

    Koalas in Australia

    © 2016 Bruce Michael Smith

  18. bmicsmith

    20160229 125455

    From the album: Australia and New Zealand 2016

    koalas in Australia

    © 2016 Bruce Michael Smith

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