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Found 3 results

  1. Can someone please help me. I have been trying for the last three days to export an animation with a transparent background in a codec that Shutterstock will accept. I use Premiere and every time I export using quicktime setting it either creates a file without the transparent background or it creates a file that shuttestock rejects for being the wrong codec. I have exported using the PNG codec which is on Shutterstock's list of accepted codecs but it still gets rejected for wrong codec. I have tried contacting shutterstock for help but the person just copied & pasted the list of acceptable formats without even answering my question. Can someone please tell me how you are uploading video files with a transparent background in format that Shutterstock will accept?
  2. Hello! For about 3 years, I uploaded video on the Shutterstock with the following parameters: File Format - QuickTime .mov Frame Rates - 30 Resolution - 1920х1080 Channels - RGB+Alpha channel Codec - PNG Until October 2018 there were no problems with these videos. For almost 2 months now, when trying to upload such videos to Shutterstock, they do not appear in pending, but an error message appears: "We do not currently support the codec of your video. Please re-export to one of our accepted codecs. Learn more about our technical requirements." I did not change anything in the render settings of my videos. And on all other microstock this files are uploaded without any problems. I tried to upload those videos that are ALREADY in my portfolio, but nothing changes. Video does not appear in pending, and I see the same error. I have contacted Shutterstock technical support 3 times already. I am constantly asked to read the technical requirements that I know and do everything in accordance with them. When I send details with screenshots about how I make videos, they tell me "I would like to inform you that your case has been escalated to the concerned department on priority basis and I will get back to you as soon as I get the update and assist you further." And this is all - further silence and ignore. I sent an example of such a video to tech support so that they could tell what technical requirement was not met. But there is no answer and probably will not be. Why am I sure that the problem is on the side of Shutterstock: 1 - I uploaded these videos for about 3 years - no problem. I haven't changed anything in settings since then. 2 - Even previously approved similar videos are not uploaded - the same error. 3 - There are no problems with all the other leading microstocks (Pond5, Adobe, Videohive, 123rf). I just want to ask if anyone has encountered this problem? If so, maybe you solved it somehow? Thanks
  3. Hello, I found this file -> http://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-7974475-stock-footage-two-males-going-in-profile-on-alpha-channel-file-format-mov-codeck-png-alpha-use-these.html And I'd like to know how I can render video with Alpha Channel and transparent grid included. I've already tried to do it myself, but when I render to MOV file with PNG codec and Alpha Channel I get black solid background. How I can get a transparent grid inside file? What settings should I use?
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