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Found 23 results

  1. With the increasing popularity of drones, I think the category Aerial would be useful to contributors. What do others think of this?
  2. Hi everyone, I have been doing aerial photography with a drone but I have not had good results so far although I would like to invest more time. What do you think of the current photos I've done so far? Here is the link: www.shutterstock.com/sets/106129262-drone-photography.html?rid=162882788 Thank you.
  3. Good afternoon to everybody. I have registered on this website to upload my videos made with a Phantom 4 Pro. I always record in manual mode and in D-Log. What I do not have clear is, when it comes to selling my video clips, it has more sale than a video clip in D-Log or it is necessary that you make a color correction and then put the clip on sale. I mention this for several issues: -If I do not do a color correction, the file will not have to go through any editing software, that is, I will upload it to the web that was recorded with the Phantom, without any loss of quality. -If I do a color correction, the clip looks much nicer, but once exported it does not have as many editing possibilities. The question is, a level of sales, to have more chances to sell a clip. It is better to upload the clip that you sell from the board in D-Log, or make a color correction to "look" more attractive. I hope you understand my doubts. Best regards, Alejandro.
  4. Just joined Shutterstock and seeking some help. Enjoyed making this shot. Critiques and opinions welcomed.
  5. 1st upload, just registered with SS...patiently awaits your critiques.
  6. Aerial shot of Brasilia during sunrise

    © Joe Espindola

  7. From the album: Footage Screenshots

    The city skyline under The sunset 23430235 footage screenshot https://www.shutterstock.com/de/video/clip-23430235-stock-footage-essen-germany-january-the-city-skyline-under-the-sunset-aerial.html?src=search/HfsrfNQRQJ4jmLTmmOz_dQ:1:17/3p
  8. From the album: Footage Screenshots

  9. Austin55

    City Aerial

    Had rejected due to poor lighting, not sure what I could do to help it much because it was a sightseeing flight (expensive) and a very cloudy day.
  10. Hi I'm curious if people are getting regular sales from their 4k aerials and what earnings they are getting. Here are some of my examples of aerial sales this month. Very rare do customers pay the full 4k price I found. Anyone find anything different. HD http://www.shutterstock.com/video/video.html?id=14132309$17.34 CHIANG MAI,THAILAND - CIRCA December 2015 :back sweep and rising shot SIEM RIEP,CAMBODIA - CIRCA July 2015 :low forward aerial towards Angkor wat (cart sales $23.70) http://www.shutterstock.com/video/video.html?id=11139149
  11. From the album: WINDMILLS

    Windmills in Poland, endless fields

    © rotocam.eu Dariusz Ossoliński

  12. From the album: WINDMILLS

    Windmills in Poland, endless fields

    © rotocam.eu Dariusz Ossoliński

  13. From the album: WINDMILLS

    Windmills in Poland, endless fields

    © rotocam.eu Dariusz Ossoliński

  14. From the album: WINDMILLS

    Windmills in Poland, endless fields

    © rotocam.eu Dariusz Ossoliński

  15. From the album: Footage Screenshots

  16. From the album: Footage Screenshots

  17. Hey everyone, I'm new to shutterstock contributors and have been doing a lot of research online about selling aerial footage filmed with a drone and have been coming up short. All I'm looking for is to find out if I can legally sell the aerial footage I've recorded. Ive heard about section 333 exemptions and even having to have a pilots license before you can sell some footage you get. I have waaayyyy too much drone footage from the past few years from various projects and clients and figured I could try and sell some of it as long as its legal... I'm sure someone could use an aerial shot of a boston sunrise behind the city or a shot of the zakim bridge so I'm hoping for the best! And for the record my drone has been registered since the FAA opened up registration in December. Any info is appreciated! Thanks, Torin
  18. Hi guys, Just thought i'd quickly introduce myself. My name is Phil Harris, I'm from the UK and I'm a part time drone operator, primarily capturing aerial video for the TV and film industry. I currently trade by the name of Aerial Insight, but that may change soon... I'm also a part time blogger and techie at a local remote control/drone shop called RC Geeks, near Gatwick airport in the UK. I've considered joining a stock footage site for a while now to earn a few pence every now and then for footage i have already shot so this is the beginning of my adventure in that sense. I look forward to sharing my footage and seeing what kind of stuff you guys capture as well. I'm always up for critique and learning All the best, Phil
  19. Hey Guys, Just wondering is it recommended to shoot with a flat profile? personally i always shoot with a flat/LOG for color correction but should i just use the standard for clips i wanna sell? Dan
  20. Bambax


    Aerial shot of Etretat (hovering over the golf course) taken last week. The horizon is "bumpy" (working on that) but otherwise what do you think?

    © eb

  21. What do you think about my footages? I use BMPCC and GoPro3. The main theme is nature. I am trying to guess what the buyer need. But sales are small. http://www.shutterstock.com/video/gallery/1976099/
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