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Found 3 results

  1. NOTE: I'm still fairly new to Shutterstock and stock photography in general. Yesterday, I uploaded and submitted 24 images consisting of various buildings at the University of Waterloo as editorials. Most of them have been rejected for the same reason, which is how the subject of the image is not in focus. From reading through the guidelines of photos, I am pondering about fixing this in two ways: Crop the image to get rid of unwanted content, although that results in making the image be smaller and not be as big as people would prefer. Change the description to a more consistent one. This is an example I have: a view of Engineering 5 and 7 (two buildings joined together with a central hallway down the middle). Description: Engineering 5 and 7 at night from the north end with a pedestrian bridge connecting to Engineering 3. Shot at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, on May 25, 2019. Keywords: architecturebluebuildingcanadacivileditorialengineeringexteriorgaragehangarlandmarkmechanicalmodernontariooutdoorpost secondaryschoolingskytechnologyuniversityurbanviewwaterloo What I wound need to do is remove a lot of the sky that makes up the top margin, and remove the bottom to where the parking spot touches on the image. Still, I'm wondering if there's something else that may be causing this to fail validation.
  2. meurmishvili


    © meurmishvili

  3. This is a picture of University of Texas campus. This picture was rejected because of trademark infringement (I guess because of the statue of George Washington). Please let me know your opinion.
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