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  1. Does it make sense to make a long description of the picture? Does it help search? Or a short description is enough because the search for images is mainly carried out by tags? My pictures are rejected. The reason is problems with the description. One of the theories why this is because I am overloading the description, there are too many details. Have you had trouble rejecting your picture due to the description? How did you solve them? Here is a quote from image reviewers who did not like the description -
  2. Hello, I have a huge problem with uploading my video files via FTP and web form upload as well. Some of my video files are just impossible to upload at all although they have exactly the same export parameters, same resolution (all of them are 3840x2160), same PhotoJPEG codec, same 30fps speed, duration between 15-25sec, all of them less than 4gb. If I use webform to upload I have a message saying "There was an error uploading the following files" at the end and files are rejected, if I use FTP upload - files are just staying at FTP server without processing for days. I've alr
  3. I have same nice images of yoga on stand up paddle board. Took a drive during the night to go to the river to take them in the early morning at 6 o clock during the sunrise. Busted my ass for it and now they reject them all because they say they are not sharp, and I think its total BS. How can you tell if its sharp enough when it is a silhouette and the subject is dark. I get them that it ''looks'' that is not sharp, but I know they are sharp because the board where the subject is standing IS sharp. And that place is in the plane with her face, and I am not able to get those images online. And
  4. So I uploaded some photos and they have been reviewed and approved. Yet I still cannot see them in my portfolio and they are "stuck" in reviewed section without being uploaded to my profile so I could sell them. Did anyone else stumble upon this problem? What should I do?
  5. Hi! So, I have a vector that keeps being rejected. A similar one, with one difference was accepted. The rejections keep being "Linked Images / Bitmaps / Raster Effects: Vectors containing linked images, bitmaps, and/or raster effects are not acceptable." I use Inkscape and when to View-> Outlines to see what was going on because there aren't any images in my vector. There is a green line showing a clipping path that I created from different colored rectangles to get a different shape. Could that be an issue? Does SS not accept clipping sets?
  6. Hello, all my last drawings are rejected with the reason "The attached reference image does not resemble the final image" but in fact I attach exactly those rasters from which vector were made of, even one look at them is enough to ensure they are nearly similar (I traced my digital raster illustrations). Support answered me with a standard form and listed all the reasons but gave me a case number. I chose it in these submissions before submitting then again but finally got a rejection once more! What I have to do? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Friends, I submitted footage through ftp but don't see it appearing and so I can't make it ready for review. It seems to be stuck in the ftp and not processing. Anybody else has this problem? Is there any another way to upload videos ? thanks
  8. Can't open my portfolio... Anyone else with same problem? "We're sorry, but we were not able to load this contributor's gallery at the moment. Please try again."
  9. Hello friends, Woke up early today (5:50 AM CET) to keep uploading my portfolio but when I logged in I noticed the extremely slow response first on the dashboard and then on the "submit content" page. Is anyone having a similar issue? Also Submit, Pending and Reviewed sections appears as zero regardless how many files there. I hope staff sees this post too... Thanks in advance!
  10. Ever since the update, every time I go to submit a photo, it saves and then fails to submit because "Media not found or wrong state." What does this mean?
  11. Hello! I'm working with Shutterstock for the second year, but is the first time that I met so mass rejections situation. And I don't understand why it happens. I'm checking the files with the requirements more than once. Resubmiting more than once. But among 40 files with absolutely identical color settings there is 20 approved files and 20 rejected. All rejections - for the one same reason - "the JPEG preview does not match the EPS file or is low resolution." In eps (in all objects) and in jpg - same color model, RGB. Eps and jpg is looking exactly the same - I checked it with diff
  12. Hi , I am not able to view my phots uploaded in shutterstock, I have uploaded around 30 images but only one is visible.
  13. Hi, everyone.I am a new contributor since Jun 5 this month. I have just 100 images approved . It's a small number, and I am so fresh in microstock image shutting too. But at the same time, I'm wondering why no downloads there are. How can I get the first download? City landmark and outdoor landscape is my favourite subject. I want to move in this direction. Can you give me some advises? Thank you. By the way, I am living in Guangzhou. Something about Guangzhou is better.❤️ Thank you. Yours, Sincerely. Jerry Chung http://shutterstock.com/g/J
  14. People who are submitting 4-5 pages of one object. Difference between pictures 1-2 degree. And all of these crap are accepted. Don't you think that such up-loaders should be permanently banned? I would like to hear the answer of SS representatives.
  15. Hello all, After upload 4k videos and being approved, they show up in my active videos, but when i go to my video gallery the 4k videos have no thumbnails. Does anyone have or had the same problem? Thank you in advance.
  16. Hi, recently I have rejections for "Incorrect Model Release" but my releases are correct. It concerns previous used documents and also new one. Other stocks do not see any obstacles. Is it global issue? Do you have the same problem?
  17. Hi People, all the files I sent since May-June 2017 until today they do not have sales, or they sell a minimum, and quickly disappear. Before that date, everything functioned normally, after May-June 2017 until today they I almost 1300 files thrown into the toilet. This is very frustrating. What's happening? Someone with similar experience? Costs are increasing, and there is no revenue from new files.
  18. Earning update is not working today? I've got notifications on mobile app about 2 new sales today but when I go into date there is nothing... 0 today. It's also showing sales on the map.. Any update from shutterstock?
  19. Hello! Please hepl me, I don't now that to do. I am on SS from Nowember, I upload many EPS files earlier. Everithink was ok. Now now i cannot upload my files "File Transfer Error -- Please check your file and resubmit." I checked my files 4 time, check size, links, color mode and other thinks, everything ok. I rename my files and resumbit 4 times, but the problem don't solve. Maybe somebody know whai i should do?
  20. Hi everyone, I have searched a lot through the website but still couldn't find a proper guide how to meet Shutterstock's requirements for uploading seamless patterns. I'm not new in Illustrator and know how to create and use seamless patterns I understand that all objects and fills have to be expanded, unlocked, strokes and text outlined etc. However, none of my submittions were aproved because of the reason “Inaccessible Vector Objects -- All sublayers must be unlocked and all effects must be expanded”. Checked everything several times – all objects inside patterns are expanded, no t
  21. According to my Earning Summary page, so far I have no downloads today. It is just past 2:00 p.m. There must be something wrong because I know I have had downloads today by looking at the Latest Downloads page. Does anyone else have this problem?
  22. I'm having trouble attaching a new model realese. How can I do to import the release that is in jpg. The + next button to Releases in the Content Editor does not give me the option of a new authorization, only the old ones. I need a help.
  23. This site foundstock.com is taking shutterstock photos, vector and illustration and share it for free. This is so bad.
  24. Hi guis! What's wrong with footages critique forum? I can't download any images or footages. The download field looks as in the screenshots below. mp4 or jpg - doesn't matter. Sorry for nube question: I have low sales and need some help here. Tnx.
  25. Cropping a vector file Using clipping mask which includes blend shadows or gradients results to a bitmap image layer during Ai to EPS converting. Who knows how we can overcome this big problem?
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