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Found 24 results

  1. I can't change my paypal address even though the address I entered is correct, and I have sent an email contact to the support center but it hasn't been resolved until now
  2. I received mail from shutterstock on 3rd april for payment but didn't receive any payment in my PayPal account till date 17/04/2020 . Account settings and tax forms are all ok should i wait more? is anybody here with same problem ?
  3. Hello everyone! First of all, I'm Cuban and since I started new, I'm facing all type of problems related with ways of payment. I want to know cause, not now, but when I'll start to gain because of my work, I'm afraid I can't receive the payments cause Cubans aren't allowed to use PayPal, Payoneer and Skrill. So far the wallet I can use is Payeer, but I can't choose as my current way of payment. Please! any help would be super nice! Thanks!
  4. Looking for advice, I've tried contacting Shutterstock twice now over an issue of $200 of earnings that have gone missing from my account. The issue was that it was paid out to a PayPal address on my Shutterstock account that wasn't mine and that I had not authorised. I have since been told over a week ago by an email from Shutterstock that the issue was being sent to their compliance team and in the meantime to change my account password. Since then I have heard absolutely nothing back. I am looking for clarification on whether this was an oversight on Shutterstocks part or that m
  5. Hi, my payout account is set by PayPal. but PayPal does not support my country. Shutterstock paid some money to my PayPal account.But I can not withdraw money from PayPal. I need to change my payout account from PayPal to payoneer. Pls help me .. sorry for my bad English
  6. Hi, I just received the payment of 12/2019 via Paypal but I still haven't received the payment of 11/2019 which I should receive by 15 December 2019. It's getting me worried that I will receive it or not. I have been using Payoneer as my main method to receive payment for a year but however, I am not sure it is the reason why I didn't receive the payment so I changed my payment method to Paypal last month and then I received the payment of 12/2019 but not 11/2019. Can anyone or staff help me here? I received the notice about my payment on 5 December 2019 but so far, no payment was s
  7. Hi all, I'm just, wondering if anyone else hasn't been paid yet. Yes before you ask I've hit the minimum amount and looking back at recent transactions it's slightly worrying that nothing has still gone through to my account. Nothing has changed with my account but usually get it through on the 7th or before. Anyone got any advice?
  8. Hi guys. I've been on here for awhile, and I've deiced to start putting more effort into selling stock but I've heard getting papal cash in a local South African account can be a bugger. Anyone have any advice for me? Thank you.
  9. Hi, I was just wondering which service is best to use for receiving Shutterstock payments, PayPal, Skrill, or Payoneer? I used to get a check, which I much preferred, but now I have to sign up for one of those three and am looking for the one with the lowest (or no?) fees for receiving a Shutterstock payment. I would not use the service for anything else, just to get that one payment once or twice a year. Which one would you recommend? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I'm new here, sop apologise if this has been mentioned elsewhere. But, I'm having problem with my payment system using PayPal. Whenever I entered my PayPal email address in the box provided, It always says that the email is "invalid". Can anyone help please? Thank you!
  11. Hello everyone! I'm from Azerbaijan. In my country any bank don't support PayPal, Payoneer, Skyrill. I have some money on my ShutterStock balance. I registered on PayPal website, but can't combine these profiles Shutter Stock Contributor and PayPal. At the end of the day, the problem is that I cannot get my payment in any way. What should I do? Please help me.
  12. I had missed payout for MAY because of my closed PayPal account I am in communication with SS support and they say that we send your request to related section. But they didn't say how and when the missed payout is returned to my new PayPal account . Is there anybody who has such experience?
  13. Son haberlere göre Paypal 6 Haziran'da Türkiye'deki hizmetlerini durduruyor. Konu hakkında düşünceleriniz ve fotoğraf satıcıları için alternatif ödeme metodları nelerdir? According to latest news, Paypal will stop its service in Turkey on 6th of June. What are your thoughts and advices for the new payment methods for contributors?
  14. Hello. Question about payments. I would like to receive an answer from people from Russia. Question 1 - Transfers to PayPal do not pass, the reason - the transaction was rejected (account not verified) Transaction was declined (Account not verified). I apologize for the bad English, I read so far only with the dictionary through translators. Answer from Shutterstock - In order for us to reissue a payment to your PayPal account, please provide us with written or visual proof from PayPal for your account that it is ACTIVE, VERIFIED, and the ability to receive payments. If it's not difficult, tel
  15. Due to the new regulations, Paypal service will stop in Turkey on 6th of June. There are a lot of Turkish contributor in Shutterstock and they are waiting for Payoneer support to transfer their earnings safely. Payment methods such as Skrill was banned from Turkish banks so photographers will not prefer Skrill.This is very important case because there is no another alternative payment method in site. We need an urgent solution from Shutterstock.
  16. got the first payment from SS in MY 6 months more on SS,It can JUST cover my new Sony LAEA3 adaptor
  17. Dear SS team is there any progress with Payoneer agreement? All of us are waiting a solution as you have mentioned the you are going to find a solution to the issue until the year end.Some of us even increased the payment amount of SS dlr 2.000 in order to wait a proper solution. http://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/73006-feature-request-on-payoneer-and-payment-services/#entry1399509
  18. As you may know, Skrill stopped money transfers to Turkey after PayPal and Turkish contributors need an appropriate payment method URGENTLY. Here's what I have found in Fotolia F.A.Q. as an alternative. What do you think? ------- "My country does not support Paypal or Moneybookers. How will I be paid? If your country does not support Paypal or Moneybooker payments the only other option we offer is to send you a wire transfer. Wire transfers are very expensive and time consuming. As a result we require a member to have over 500 cashable credits before we can issue a wire transfer. In ad
  19. Hello fellow contributors, this month i finaly got my first payment to my paypal account. Sofar I am very happy. Until I wanted to tranfer my money to my bankaccount... As I am in Germany, Paypal automatically changes the USD to EUR when I want to transfer the money to my bank account. But the exchangerate is very poor, they charge about 2,5% compared to the latest exchangerate (like on bloomberg.com). How do you avoid this exchange costs? Do you have any advice? Thank you very much!
  20. I double-checked my Paypal account settings because of a post on another forum from a contributor who had this same problem. I checked my account settings, and my paypal account address was missing! I re-entered it, saved, and then changed my account password. My earnings did NOT disappear, so I don't think my account was hacked and the earnings went somewhere else. The earnings rolled over to this month, May, but my earnings were past my payout amount, so I should be getting a check in a week or so, on SS's typical pay schedule. I have sent a message to support, but it could take days to
  21. Did anyone get their message about their payout yet? Not the actual payout, but the message that says how much it will be. Usually it goes out on the first or second, and I certainly didn't get one yet. The reason that makes me uncomfortable is that while my email address is listed correctly, there is no entry in the "Paypal/Moneybookers Email Address" field. No idea, if there SHOULD be an entry, if it's the same address, but the lack of any email worries me.
  22. Hello, I am a bit confused with how the system works now. I expected my balance would show 0$ starting from October 1st, since I am eligible for a payout for the previous month, however my September balance seems to be passed over to October. Will I still get a payout this month? Or should I have "ordered" it beforehand? I thought it was automatical... Thank you Lana
  23. Has it happened to anyone? Frankly I've never used my Paypal before, but my account is verified and active. Yet, I have just been advised by Shutterstock that my July earnings didn't go through due to "9302 error - transaction declined". I sent an email to Paypal support asking to check my account, but only received some automated responses that don't explain a thing. If anyone experienced something similar, please let me know how you handled it! Wouldn't really like to lose my first payout to technical issues(( Thank you! Lana
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