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Found 26 results

  1. Hi, Having read a series of books on stock photography, I came across the frequently expressed idea, that your best selling photograph is often one, you yourself, regarded as the plainest, or least expected to sell. This was certainly the case with my best selling photograph, on Shutterstock. I was very cynical about even trying to recycle food waste in a compostable food bag, let alone take and publish a photograph of it. After finally being persuaded by my wife to donate one of my compost bins to the cause, I almost took the photograph to prove the justified reasons for my reluctance. How wrong I was. The bag is no longer with us. Ashes to ashes, compost bag to compost. All that said, the photograph is still selling steadily, 10 months later. Not a load of rubbish after all. Have any of you similar stories to share and tell? I'd love to hear from you as a beginner stock photographer, who wants to become an intermediate in the very near future. Best wishes, Peter Shaw https://www.shutterstock.com/imaghttps://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/this-initiative-avoids-plastic-being-used-1469706467e-photo/this-initiative-avoids-plastic-being-used-1469706467
  2. vintage camera close up , chrome and leather , selective focus on lens
  3. Hello folks, I am since 2010 on Shutterstock and started back then with very bad titles and keywords. The recent months I edit those older images by improving their info. I noticed always shortly after sales from some of those edited old photos. Did you had same experience? Do you think it is coincidence or it makes sense? I am wondering then what happens to this photos. Are they climbing up in the search engine? Mirco
  4. From the album: Submitted for approval

    Hi all! I submitted for approval and were rejected. Image contains quality issues due to isolation, or other post-production techniques. You could show me the right direction? I know the isolation is old-school, but not this was the problem. Thank you.

    © Gábos Albin

  5. Hi, I do not know if this topic has been talked about before. I found in my house a chest filled with old photographs of my family, these photos are from 1900 or so, obviously they are not made by me. . But my grandfather appears, and my grandmother as a girl, etc They are all dead today... I wonder if these photos can be uploaded without the need to put them as editorial. This is an example.
  6. Should I delete old bad footages? ... like this: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-5881484-stock-footage-blinking-and-moving-defocused-pink-violet-dot-light-hd-p-loop.html?src=gallery/4FaUNSfDF9ujjS10DH5g4w:7:50
  7. I know that SS doesn't accept 'isolated' cars for commercial use. Is there anyway that, for example, this photo will be accepted (excepted haha) for editorial use? I mean, something like: February, 18. MALAGA, SPAIN. Ford Galaxie 500 in a exhibition of vintage classic muscle car. Should work? Recently I uploaded a classic spanish car (seat 600) and the rejection reason was: Unacceptable Editorial Caption -- Caption is either missing factual who, what, when and where information, is too vague, contains inaccuracies or is not relevant to the subject matter. And the title looks ALMOST the same as one that is already in SS. Thanks in advance.
  8. Window through a window of old building in Thailand that is framed

    © dean moriarty

  9. Located in Gandzasar Monastery, Armenia, dated XII AD
  10. Jade Elizabeth 1

    Old Watch

    From the album: Photos

    old watch

    © Jade Lovelock Photography

  11. Hows this photo? It may seem like copyright but there is no company for this theatre anymore as they closed down the only theatre around, It closed down because the owner couldn't afford to upgrade to digital movies as it was only made to use film reels, It has been closed down to pretty much rot in town, Been around for over 40 years and at least closed for 8 years already. I choose a theater because movies are popular and fun for photography plus the historic look of a theater of once was a busy business of the past and now a dead business but still hangs around for people to mourn the fun that once was that made memories for lots of people , I looked up the term "Theater" in the SS image search and didn't find any photos like this, I'd get a better photo if I wasn't limited to the wall on the other side of the street stopping me from showing more of the building, I chose black and white because the color on the building was somewhat bland and old, Even though it was sunny out and it would make a better photo with color I chose to do black and white to show it's historic feel, I took this photo with my 50mm prime lens and I cropped out two blank movie poster holders but meh not always important unless you think I should submit my other photo of before I took them off? Any comments on this photo?

    © Shane St Louis

  12. Thoughts on copyright on these old wood cotton reels

    © Annicea V Hill

  13. Gmgadani

    Old man

    Edited version.

    © Gmgadani

  14. Trying my hand at low key portrait. It is a image of old Indian man with turban. Harsh critique welcomed and much appreciated

    © gmgadani

  15. meurmishvili


    workers hands

    © Meurmishvili

  16. From the album: China city view

    Forbidden City in Beijing
  17. Old Steel Bridge that crosses from McCaysville, Ga into Copperhill, Tennessee. Old and still here.
  18. From the album: My Pics

    Old store in Brazoria, Texas.

    © Michael D Winters 2015

  19. Today I bought real lovely Helios just for 25$ in Tbilisi, where is black market, it is the first shoot when I was examining lens

    © meurmishvili

  20. He is my grandfather, he was born in 1924. when he was yang he was amazing painter, but now he is so old that he can't move himself. For me he is the example of Man!

    © Meurmishvili

  21. Underneath one of the main bridges in Derby, UK.

    © 2015 Simon Annable

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