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  1. Can this have a negative effect on Shutterstock as an agency and us as contributors? For example, can contributing the same images to Freepik hurt our sales here since they are cheaper, but yeah, I've heard a lot of negative things about them. Thanks.
  2. So, for some time I am frustrated by the senseless rejections, and now I am beyond that point. This image below was rejected with the reason, TOO MUCH NOISE and I am kindly asking everybody to tell me, where is that awful noise? I am writing about this because I am here to learn and to progress and to make money for Shutterstock and for myself, but I am really baffled now. I have spoken to a good friend of mine who is one of those top tier stock photographers. He is making a fortune out of his portfolio, while I am making cca 30 dollars per month here. That wont be the problem, If I haven't in
  3. Hello all, need some help, it is possible that two contributors to use the same IP adress? I remember that was an issue not so long ago for someone here, thanks in advance .
  4. Just reached 8K images today morning! Wow! Thanks to SS and all of you for your support from time to time. Regards, Rudra
  5. Hello everybody, i am updating this map since i started contributing here. I guess if there would be a way to implement this into the Shutterstock contributor experience many of the contributors would love to see this. I find it very pleasing to see where in the world my photos have been bought. Cheers Martin
  6. Anyone else only getting 10 cents (US) for images and 26 cents (US) for videos? Shutterstock has not responded to inquiries as to whether they are also accepting only a few cents per download. It is unethical and likely illegal for Shutterstock to accept $79 per video while only paying out $0.26. Additionally there has been concerns raised that Shutterstock may be knowingly allowing the illegal inclusion of content into non creator/copyright-owner accounts. As a result of the extortion tactics enacted by Shutterstock I have not submitted new content for the past year, and am wo
  7. Hurray! We have sold our first video of 2021 with earnings of 50 cents. The most ridiculous thing ever just have happened and old contributors are set back to Level 1. The biggest hit in the face ever. Everyone at Shutterstock should be ashamed of themselves. Even though large selling contributors will come back to acceptable level soon, this is wrong in so many ways.
  8. Hello guys, I just wanna share my short experience as footage contributor in Shutterstock, and asking you a suggestion for future, maybe could help also some new "recruits". I have just started during half of july, uploading footages of my usual topics (nature, vegetables, food, growing food, organic food and sustainability). It seems market is not really interesting in it. I sold just 1 clip for 7 dollars (and it was a clip not of my topic: an istitutional building) on a total of 200 clips uploaded, some 4K, some slowmo, timelapse, drone footage. So, for now the balance is not so good, just c
  9. Hi! I’m new here and have only uploaded sets of vectors. I’m thinking of uploading some vector art scenarios but I’m kind of hesitant because I’m afraid clients would reuse parts of it for other purpose. To be clear, for example I’d like to upload a community scene wherein it includes houses in a rows. How do I make sure that the client wouldn’t reuse one of the houses in another project? Or they’re completely allowed to reuse parts of it since they’ve paid for it? A little help will do cause I’m a bit confused in this area. Thank you! Stay safe.
  10. I suggest a new feature to shutterstock. They should permit all contributors to download their own images for free anytime. Is it possible? I think it will really helpful for us.
  11. My humble question is, I've some really professionally worthfull content on my part and want to sell it on stock sites but it is making me uneasy to think about how much I could get through such photo and videos sell though I heard this site (Shutterstock) pays lot than others stock sites, but is it really great decision to sell it for pennies? My Photo Examples I really want you go check my suggested images and give your unbiased review. Below is the link for some of my example images...
  12. Hi! So, I have a vector that keeps being rejected. A similar one, with one difference was accepted. The rejections keep being "Linked Images / Bitmaps / Raster Effects: Vectors containing linked images, bitmaps, and/or raster effects are not acceptable." I use Inkscape and when to View-> Outlines to see what was going on because there aren't any images in my vector. There is a green line showing a clipping path that I created from different colored rectangles to get a different shape. Could that be an issue? Does SS not accept clipping sets?
  13. Do anybody remember about page where you can create ad-banner with link to shutterstock portfolio? As i understand it's not working anymore.. or i've missed smth?
  14. Hello, I received a profile as a business on the basis of a formal contract. I was given a Case Number from the Contributor service. I want to know if this Case Number should be added to all files as the same number? Or will this figure change? How to perform this procedure so that the account is not blocked.
  15. Hi, Hope you all are fine I am New Contributor Is there a person who earn good money from Stutterstock as a Contributor ? Share your Experience Waiting for Valuable Response. THANKS, Zubair Ahmed
  16. Hello, I am trying to post my profile on social media along with being active on forum. What else can i do to get the visitors?
  17. To avoid contributors to review the content in Content Manager again, I would like to see the "Add to set" option before the content is sent for approval. I'm still waiting for it.. Also, I would like the geo option "location" to be active for footage too.
  18. What sort of images do you have that is almost sold multiple times a day and each and every time? I want to know because I have not such images and I am progressing very slowly.
  19. why is it on the contributor home page some photos either don't show up on the little latest download map, or a location is not given. Even better would be if you could see somewhere on the app where a photo was downloaded from. to me personally this is extremely interesting and one of the best features of the contributor page. just a fun feature
  20. After my uploaded images were approved, shutterstock asked for my address and when I submitted it, the page stuck and loading forever. Is this could effect my payment?
  21. Hi there. Any other contributors form South Africa? I've heard dealing with PayPal can be a nightmare, has anyone been through this?
  22. I tried to update the details of about the subject of the picture, when I try to enter the keywords for the same in local/ native names, its getting removed. Lets consider the subject of picture is "blue rose", Kindly suggest me the keywords to enter for a "blue rose", minimum seven keywords are required Please help!
  23. Hello to all... Since yesterday I'm here from DECADE. Yes... - 10 years as a contributor, 7 years working full time on stock sites, visited and photographed 20 countries on 4 continents, with over 25K photos and some videos, with several hundred thousand downloads... In that time I lived in 2 countries, I've got 2 children... so I'm so happy to be here Best job ever!!! I hope that the next decade will be just as successful. Best Regards to all you guys and many successes in here as a contributor!
  24. @Administrator / @Anna Shutterstock I would have a suggestion: "Add to set" option is currently only available in the Catalog Manager. It would be more logical to have this possibility at the beginning when the description and keywords are added to the images and footages.
  25. Now the author (contributor) can't copy key words of the own image for own new semilars (It helps me to work faster with the key words). It have been so easy to do from buyer's side before. Why? Isn't my own image in my portfolio not my ownership? If you ( SS) want to fight with the thieves of key words please, enter author's password to log into the author's own portfolio images from customer side, so that he can free use his own keywords easy Thank's Best regards
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