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Found 8 results

  1. Been to Barbados? What was your experience like? Here is a short account of my visit.... Barbados Visit
  2. I feel like the shadows on this one, especially under the girl's legs, might be too harsh for SS. Thoughts on this, and any other comments about the picture?

    © 2016 Carlos Ho

  3. A sandstone cliff falling into the blue sea in the Bahamian Out Islands, formed after Hurricane Joaquin. The image was rejected by SS for white balance and color issues. What would you suggest to improve it?

    © Quinn Oglesby

  4. Large daybed sitting under shade tree on the sandy beach of a Caribbean island with blue sky

    © Scott Baker Photography

  5. Two teak chaise lounges sitting on private wooden deck overlooking the blue Caribbean Sea

    © Scott Baker Photography

  6. Polynesian daybed sitting on white sand beach in the caribbean with fishing boats in aquamarine water under deep blue sky

    © Scott Baker Photography

  7. Two chaise lounges sitting under palapa on the white sand Caribbean beach with aquamarine water and blue sky

    © Scott Baker Photography

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