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Found 48 results

  1. A Spot-billed Pelican perched on the branch of a dead tree, shows the courage of standing alone even in the hardest time.
  2. I am still reading through upload requirements. However, I am not finding the answer to this generic question. Can we upload and get approved images or videos that have an artistic viewpoint? I know Shutterstock sells illustrations, but I don't work with that medium yet. I have attached a photograph as an example. The image was taken on the west coast near the water. I inverted the colors to make something interesting. Also, if we are able to upload artistic images, do they need to adhere to the same requirements or any at all? For example, if this image is out of focus, does that matter like a standard stock image would? Thanks.
  3. FAILURE DUE TO NO LICENSE Received a refusal due to lack of permission of the owner of the property from the author of the work of art. I do not understand what is required of me if I myself am the author of these illustrations. And what is the difference between commercial and editorial material? Thanks! Получила отказ из-за отсутствия разрешение владельца собственности от автора произведения искусства. Не понимаю, что от меня требуется, если я сама автор этих иллюстраций. И чем отличается коммерческий и редакционный материал? Спасибо!
  4. beautiful plum headed parakeet drawing .
  5. beautiful sketch of flower
  6. S carlos


    Hi . my name sabela. This is my first Post . how can we increase our sale ? And what is best way to promote our work?
  7. I keep getting this rejection on two of my paintings. I've resubmitted with new forms, but no joy. If only the gatekeepers would be specific and state exactly WHY the releases are unacceptable, all this unnecessary waste of time and effort could be avoided. Help!
  8. I do a lot of shooting in Thailand. Buddhist temples are public spaces and there are all kinds of statuary of monks buddhas, animals. Today several pics were rejected and I think it's due to cultural confusion. However, I am confused because some pics get accepted, but others done on the same day and place get rejected for lack of a location release. Other figures, figurines statues are both accepted and rejected but are effectively the same. Such figures are not made by artists....and what is art. What is a cultural artifact? I wonder if some of the common every day items in Thai life seem like exotic art to the reviewers. What I find problematic is the lack of consistency. Any advice on how to put my case forward? Thank you.
  9. I like to play with different photo programs. Sometimes after deep transformation image looks better than original. It would be very good if you explain to me some Legal aspects. As a Artist I can do everything in post processing. And how about publishing? For example. I transform original image...silver filter and red color. Us a result interior look better and to far from original. By the way original image painted in gold. You know Emperors get crazy about yellow metal.
  10. A vacant bench on a seafront promenade with unique serpent style metalwork.

    © SJA

  11. Hi I have uploaded my images and vector about 2 month ago.but yesterday was the first day when my 15 product sold a day.it has made me feel happy and encourage me to design more arts. https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Animation+blaster?rid=206936819&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ctrbreferral-link
  12. I opened a new folder in my portfolio and now I'm in doubt about how to call this kind of photography (otherwise, a very demanding category, starting from the idea to the realization in the technical sense). For the moment I gave him the name "Fantasy Concept", but I'm not sure how convenient it is. Do you have any suggestions? https://www.rasicaphoto.com/-/galleries/portfolio/fantasy-concept
  13. I am trying to find out more about submitting photos of artwork (paintings, sculptures, installations) taken in art museums. First of all, is it allowed to submit them in the first place? If yes, are they supposed to be submitted as Editorial (with date and location)? Second, is there a difference between classic and modern art? For example, if the artist is still alive, I assume it is not allowed without that artist's permission, since this would clearly be a copyright violation. What happens with the classics - for example, is it allowed to submit a photo of a Van Gogh painting in the National Gallery? Does the frame of that painting fall under any copyright laws? I appreciate any help in finding answers to the above - I wasn't able to find this on my own. Thanks!
  14. www.shutterstock.com/sets/72331214-art-.html?rid=167181732
  15. From the album: Submitted for approval

    Hi all! I submitted for approval and were rejected. Image contains quality issues due to isolation, or other post-production techniques. You could show me the right direction? I know the isolation is old-school, but not this was the problem. Thank you.

    © Gábos Albin

  16. I am mostly a dreamer here so far, so it is not that this subject matters completely in reality at this time. But am I correct that liscensing allows for buyers to sell images as art? If so, any of you who do sell your work as art, do you keep that content and your stock content here exclusive from each other? (maybe poor wording...?)
  17. Hello dear friends! I'm new in Shutterstock - its so exciting and such an honor to being part of this amazing agency and its community. I'm uploading my work which are concept arts and illustrations I've done in years. And some of them includes human figures. My illustrations based on 3D renderings and human figures created by myself (I'm also a 3D modeler worked in productions) -- but having figures causing problems and getting rejected because there's no release form. There's no "message to editor" section while submitting like an other agency I'm working. I wanted to ask if there's a way to let editors know that human figures in my work are not real, no traced from a photo but created from scratch? Thank you very much in advance and have awesome sales! - Kerem
  18. Hi, this is ine of my past illustration thanks for your comment!
  19. Rob Newman

    Banksy 2

    From the album: Small selection of my pics

    A picture that was taken whilst at Banksy's Dismaland event in Weston Super Mare. This picture was somewhat difficult to take as there was a strobe light in the room.

    © Rob Newman

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