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  1. Hi Friends, I purchased i phone SE and started shooting videos in 4K mode and SS already accepted almost 100 of footage. As I am a newcomer and quite new in the area of Videos,I am little bit anxious about selling the footage in SS. Can any SS Friend tell me regarding the sell and revenues from footage in general form? Does 4K sell? Partha Pal from India
  2. I'm trying to upload many video files at 4k resolution but the FTP clients (i've tried Filezilla and Cyberduck) reports "530 login incorrect" while uploading. Some files are correctly uploaded, some others aren't and they are flagged by Shutterstock server as corrupted. Note that the initial login sequence is correctly executed, the error occurs only while uploading. I've found many other topics regarding this problem, hope that will be finally solved as soon as possibile, because it's very hard to work with Shutterstock with this crazy and time consuming issue!!!
  3. Hi All A couple of years ago I uploaded a number of HD video clips onto Shutterstock and I've enjoyed some good sales. I was working with Adobe Premiere Pro on a one-year subscription at the time. I now have an Olympus OMD EM1 Mk II and am starting to shoot 4K video with it. My question is, 'Can any one recommend some good, inexpensive video-editing Mac software that's capable of outputting in 4K?' I'm talking about simple video clips so I do not need a lot of sophistication (or expense!) but I do need 4K. I've noted that some agencies prefer their video clips to be pretty raw and in this
  4. Hi All A couple of years ago I uploaded a number of HD video clips onto Shutterstock and I've enjoyed some good sales. I was working with Adobe Premiere Pro on a one-year subscription at the time. I now have an Olympus OMD EM1 Mk II and am starting to shoot 4K video with it. My question is, 'Can any one recommend some good, inexpensive video-editing software that's capable of outputting in 4K?' I'm talking about simple video clips so I do not need a lot of sophistication but I do need 4K output. I'd appreciate your advice and have looked through the forum but couldn't see anything t
  5. The problem with FTP uploads: since May of this year all of the footages in the 4K quality ( 100 - 300 Mb of each) at the side of Shutterstock account come with an error "We can't read what's in your file. Please re-save or re-export your file, and try uploading it again." These have been several attempts with a total of over 100 files. (!) Same footage in HD quality uploaded successfully. * And from the Shutterstock technical support side, I get the impression, that I get answers from artificial intelligence but not from a real person, who can understand the essence of the problem.
  6. Why is H265 not supported. We are in the 4k age now, yet you only support outdated codes like H264? This forces us to encode using prores, which increases bitrate by 400% (adding in bitrate that doesnt exist in the original clip) even on the lowest setting. This increasing file size by 4X, which increases upload time, wasting bandwidth, increasing download time for your reviewers, increasing review time. The benefits are clear but I dont see it on the list? http://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000006587 All because you don't have a tech team that follows
  7. Can anyone tell me if I can upscale a 1920x1080 video to 2702x1520 (2k) and upload for sale? I did it and getting rejection due to wrong aspect ratio. But I followed all the rules (H.264, 16:9 aspect ratio listed in the website, 60fps, not letterboxed or pillarboxed or matted). Can anyone tell me if I can do this? I have some decent full hd videos which i can upscale to 4k and upload.but first I want to know if it is allowed or not??
  8. Hello everyone! I am trying to move my portfolio into Video and i am looking for some video camera to shoot 4K videos. Any advise? Right now i own Nikon D610 but it doesn't have any video stabilizer. And i prefer to buy some video camera. Maybe have something in cost less than 1000 USD? Thank
  9. Hello friends, I shoot photos for about 20 years, i don't think I am a pro but I am somewhere about that more or less. BTW i am very new to videography. I shoot video by a dji spark drone and with hd DSLR - gimbal equipment. I just invested on a 4k mirrorless to make better quality footage. I guess my equipment is enough at least to start. I uploaded some footage but no sales yet. Are they too bad? Subjects too ordinary? What are your advices to make my footages to sell? Thanks in advance ...
  10. While i'm waiting for the answer from SS contributors support I was wondering what are other contributors experience about this problem. I shoot mostly 4K footage and I noticed if someone choose HD filter in search my clips won't show up, even do shutterstock sell them all in HD (and sd) resolution also. I think this is ridiculous, because purchasing HD is available for 4K clips also, they should be visible in search also. Since there's really low demand on 4K clips and they are invisible in search with HD filter, is it best option to upload all the footage in HD resolution also, does an
  11. I have 4K footage I want to upload to my portfolio but not sure if I should compress them using H.264, Apple ProRes 422, or Uncompressed 8-bit/10-bit ? Thanks in advance.
  12. I mainly come from the stock PHOTO side, but recently acquired a gopro hero6 and may look into adding extra clips purely for stock. Any advice for using the gopro/video for SS? For example.. - Should I shoot in 4K? I am not sure if the 4K is "good enough" but I imagine a resized 4K to 1080p also looks better than native 1080p? - Is high FPS (slow motion) content valuable? Is it even supported on SS? Appreciate any insights or advice you guys may have!
  13. This is the question mainly to SS Staff. Some of longer 4K footages (50-60 seconds) in your preferred format (MOV, PhotoJPEG, 75% quality), are larger than 4GB (but less than 5 GB). What solution do you advise in such a case? Submitting the MP4 file in the best quality (always smaller than 1GB)? Making MOV in lower quality? Cutting the footage into 2 shorter ones? I presently submit MP4 files, which are also accepted. I’m fully conscious, that clients usually use shorter clips, but as my footages are usually aerial flyby, approaching or revealing videos
  14. Hello all, After upload 4k videos and being approved, they show up in my active videos, but when i go to my video gallery the 4k videos have no thumbnails. Does anyone have or had the same problem? Thank you in advance.
  15. Hi everyone! I've been trying to figure out why some of my 4K videos got rejected, and other didn't. The standard 16:9 resolution for cinema is 4096 x 2304. However, there are different aspects that are also considered 4K. Yesterday, I uploaded my new animated Valentine's Day card and got it rejected with this message: Resolution / Aspect -- Clip is a non-standard resolution or is pillarboxed, letterboxed or matted. I have serched the forums but found nothing under the "4K" tag. Is there anything I am missing out here? Thank you.
  16. Happy new year to everyone. I have a question for experienced contributors. Recently i uploaded a few videos, all accepted, the problem is i shoot in 4 k but SS accepted them in HD. One single clip is accepted in 4K, i shoot all my clips with the same settings. Very confusing, did anyone have the same experience?
  17. Hello all, I am new to the stock footage world, more like I started a few days ago, so I had a question... I own a GH4 and a Phantom 4, but I don't know with what bitrate to export them... My GH4 is filming: 3840x2160 and the Phantom 4: 4096x2160 Could you please give me some advice on the target bitrate/maximum bitrate that I should choose when exporting either of them? Thank you!
  18. Hello contributors. I have a question for experienced video contributors. Have you tried, used the Sony Handycam FDR AX-33 4 k camera? I m curious about your opinions, i wonder if is good for stock footage. Thank you.
  19. I plan to buy new camera for only video. I would like to know i should keep Full HD or go for 4K camera. And what about market
  20. I found a Nikon D7500 2 Lens Bundle that is within my budget and has what I (think) I need. I am mostly looking for a way to shoot 4k videos and to take decent photos while in vacations. My past experiences with Nikon were very good, but those were simple point-adn-shoot cameras. I would like to ask if this one is a good camera or if I should consider other brands/models.
  21. I have here a library that is rather old. I am thinking about filming some stock footage with my 5D M4. Is here anybody who has 5D M4 and would share his/her experience? Do you use the camera for 4K video submission? What setting do you use? Thank you!
  22. Hello Folks, I am a part time contributor to shutterstock for the past 7 years and most of the photos and videos that i post were taken whenever i had a trip to somewhere etc. Now i am thinking of shooting stock full time with setting budgets and arranging special trips, hiring models. My question is how soon should i upgrade to 4K video? Right now i have video portfolio of about 350 most of them in 1080p. I am tight on budget so should i invest in a 4K camera like GH5 or should i shoot a lot in 1080p and purchase 4K camera after six months or so. I wonder if i co
  23. Can I suggest that the pricing of 4K (UHD) material is looked at. Currently my HD material is selling at £54 and the 4K version at £130. I presume the $ price is similar. I believe this sets 4K material to high for buyers to choose as an option. 4K material is not as rare as it was two years ago so I think it should be about 150% the price of the HD version. This would make my 4K files £81 which should be attractive for buyers. It would be interesting to hear from Shutterstock what proportion of its footage sales are now in 4K. What do others think about this?
  24. Hi there, I have been trying to upload files. The 4k video files take a very long time and time out through ftp most of the time and they are short clips. I emailed support a few times over the last few months and they do not get back to me. Is this normal? Can we send a thumbdrive or something like that with large files or am I stuck with ftp? Thank you. Brian
  25. Does Shutterstock want us to set poster frames on clips before uploading? I have not seen anything mentioned about this in any of the faqs for uploading footage, and there does not appear to be any way of setting the poster frame on the submission page. Do they set this when the clip is reviewed perhaps? There was an easy way to do this with Quicktime 7, but I no longer have that. I am a new contributor and have a lot of material to upload, so hoping to find out what they expect before I submit.
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