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Found 1 result

  1. Reason To Reduce payments from $.25 to $.10 So Shutterstock thinks that this is a good compensation model for its content creators. I began to upload content in 2017. I have uploaded 589 files and have had 67 images downloaded for total earnings of $21.39. As of 6/10/2020 I have not reached the default minimum payout of $35.00. Clearly I am not uploading content as a means of supporting my financial needs. This can not even be used to supplement my income. With the introduction of the new plan it is clear that this company doesn't value the creators on its platform. Creators talking about disabling their account over this slap in the face by management means nothing to Shutterstock. Moving portfolios have been suggested. This is what I believe as a novice photographer and contributor that if Shutterstock does not receive fresh content there is no Shutterstock period. If those of you on this platform will not upload any content for just 30 days this plan WILL change. I am not saying delete or disable or even move on to a different agency. 30 days of NO NEW CONTENT what Shutterstock does has absolutely no meaning to me. I have been on the platform for 3years and I still can't access the money I have earned. 30 DAYS OF NO NEW CONTENT will make our voices heard by this agency. So by adding new content you will be in agreement that you will create for only$.10 and then quit complaining about the unfairness of the policy. #justmyopinion
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