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  1. Cuise along Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
  2. casernaa

    My fish

    Hi everyone, I am a beginner in the photography world. I am using an entry-level DSLR (Nikon D3500) I would like to know your opinions about my pic. Info: Lens: 18-55mm, SPD:1/80, AP: F5.6. Thank you!
  3. beautiful creation of nature celebrate earth day
  4. Amsterdam in late February. Canal and street looking down and showing several boats and a tour boat
  5. From the album: My Landscapes

    A community park

    © CR Photography

  6. Hi, everyone, can anyone tell me why this rejected in editorial , reason is "The main subject of this image is not in focus". And how can I edit with Photoshop to get it approved?? Any tips?? I think the water before the boat is need to be blurred ??
  7. Walking in the snow towards the reservoir.
  8. From the album: Paul William

    This was a shot on a quayside of a picturesque Austrian village called Wolfgangsee. The water was dead calm giving a peaceful atmosphere.

    © paulwilliam photography 2018

  9. From the album: Yash2312

    © copyright by the photogragher

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