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  1. When trying to record video with my d500, the recording stops in 5 to 15 seconds with a message on the screen that says the video is processing, please wait. I have a full battery and 32g sd card. I tried resetting to factory settings but to no avail. Can anyone offer suggestions as to why this is happening and how to correct it? Thanks.
  2. Hi community, I was wondering whether anybody else deactivated their video sales (Contributor portal > [your name in the top right] > Account Settings > License Options (bottom right panel) > Video sales: NO), like I just did. As I am seeing that most of my videos go monthly for 0.26-0.34$, to the point that people buy five of my videos in a row on the same day for the grand total of 1.70$ in royalties for me, I am concluding that it does no longer make any sense to sell videos on Shutterstock. I will keep my photos for the time being, without uploading the newer ones (I
  3. Hallo, I use contributor-app for android, keep it updated and I never see approval/rejection feedback for videos. It's only me? It's a bug or by design? And if it's by design... why? :-(
  4. Hola, esta es la primera vez que hago una consulta en el foro ya que no puedo encotrar la solucion a mi problema. Tengo un drone Air 2s, he realizado varias tomas y subido varios clips pero siempre son rechazados por la misma razón: Ruido/artefactos. Hice varias pruebas para tratar de encontrar una solución y no lo he logrado, siempre son rechazados. Los videos son tomados en full HD, editados en Premiere PRO 2019, exportado con codec h.264, dandole el mejor procesamiento y con un bitrate elevado (VBR 2 pases min 40 máx 55). Al principio pensé que podría ser la corrección de col
  5. This contributor has several of my videos in his portfolio. For example this ... https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/video/clip-1063378141-stack-gold-bars-bullion-precious-metal-investment My original videos were HD and this thief converted them to 4k. This is my original video https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/video/clip-5057402-gold-barsingot-loop-finance-3d-animation Please look, maybe your videos are there too ... And the second question! Why is my video footage visible in search results? My Video Portfolio has been disabled since November 2020... And obviously I will ask the
  6. Hello, I upload several videos film with the DJI mini 2 and all are rejected by noise or resolution and proportion. All the videos are film in 4K with 3840x2160. Frame rate 29.97 Video quality = 100Mbps Video Codec = H264 My videos are approved on other site, so I think that they are ok on terms of quality. Why the rejections here? 85848645_Drone17.mp4
  7. I'm just getting into shooting stock photography after a long career as a commercial photographer. I have a couple of quick questions about video quality. My Nikon Z6 shoots great 1080p video at up to 120fps, and that's been great for what ever video needs I had in my commercial career. However, the frame rate at 4K tops out at 30fps. For stock sales, what percent of sales are at 4K, and what about high frame rate video? Is it worth upgrading to something that shoots 4K at 60fps?
  8. If anyone doubts the way SS want to go slashing video prices with subscriptions, just try the process as a buyer... You go to a clip, add it to basket. The second you do that, this pops up: A huge popup trying to sell subscriptions, then in tiny writing below "discover our other plan options". Click on that you get ANOTHER screen: Another HUGE advert for subscription videos on the cheap. If that isnt your thing, the old clip packs are below that. Down from there the "Need a single 4k clip?" is mentioned *but its not even a hyperlink to do it*.
  9. I opted out of selling my content on Shutterstock on December 28 in disgust at their new pricing structure and took my content elsewhere. How is is therefore possible that I've had video sales after this date? I've had 3 sales so far this month including 2 for an insultingly paltry $0.96. I'm in contact with support over this but they're dragging their heels to respond and resolve this. Surely this is in breach of their own conditions?
  10. Hi I want to add my short animated subscribe buttons to my portfolio. I would like to offer a few together as one collection, is this possible? I just don't think it's fair a customer would have to pay as much as a full clip at 4k for one single animated button, but it seems this is the way others have done it. Could I create a video file with a few of the animations running one after each other so the customer can trim to the clip they want to use easily? Many thanks
  11. Я не врубаюсь, у меня готово к загрузке много видео, но сперва был лимит 100 в день, теперь10 в день. Мало того что приемка видео на уровне наркоманских бредней. Видят шум там где его нет и называют симилярами то что ими не является. а является серией. Вы накуренные там?
  12. saya di sini masih baru mulai menjadi kontributor shutterstock. tetapi saya harap untuk evaluasi sistem dari app shutterstock contributor. harap untuk mengupload video segera di selesai. agar lebih mempermudah para kontributor untuk meng upload video mereka. pakai sistem fts itu ribet. karena lebih efesiensi. untuk kontributor meng upload melalui media handphone. terima kasih salam youtuber indonesia m ridho syahputra 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 menyentuh hati lagu nya 👇👇👇👇👇 https://youtu.be/BQ4UDLf-E4A
  13. Hi, just woke up and found one video sale for $625? I was shocked. I hope it is not a mistake. I am on level 4 with video. What is the licence or where the customer gonna use it? Movie, regular news, documentary?
  14. Hey. I have good experience with photography, but almost no experience with video. Please, help me figure it out Tell me what format is better to encode video for shutterstock. I shot in the same conditions with a tripod. But video H.264 was refused "Content contains noise, film grain, compression artifacts, pixelation, and / or posterization that detracts from the main subject." And video with the PhotoJPEG video was accepted. 1. Is it better to always use PhotoJPEG? My camera Canon mark3 if it matters 2. Do I need to delete the audio track in the editorial of the video at
  15. In a few months i will start uploading PRORES because it is a pain both storage and uploading speed. So, for now, i just want to know how do you export h264 actually to get the higest quality. For this example i have a original clip 4K UHD in h264 100mbps from a sony a6400 8 bit camera. So, my export settings in Premiere after do all edit process will be: check Render at maximum depth Profile: High (i have just discovered this parameter that seems important) Level: 5.1 Bitrate: VBR, 2 pass - target: 110 (here I like to add 10 mbps more than the orig
  16. Can you guys tell me, which kind of video sells better on shutterstock. Or show me your top sold video/videos on shutterstock.
  17. https://ak.picdn.ne t/shutterstock/videos/30286051/preview/stock-footage-red-marker-map-pointer-sign-isolated-on-white-falls-and-rotate-geographical-and-gps-location-video.webm
  18. Hello! I recently had a video sale for 0.26!!! How is that possible? I was aware of 1.5 sales but this??? Even less than an image? Please someone explain this to me.
  19. Can anybody tell me how many times they have received this with their uploads: Noise / Artifacts: Content contains noise, film grain, compression artifacts, pixelation, and/or posterization that detracts from the main subject. I uploaded 6 videos and all were rejected, yet I uploaded the same videos on competitor platforms, Pond5 and Adobe Stock and they were all accepted. I've added a screen shot of the video to this post, keep in mind the original video 2.7k so the screen shot wont be the same quality but as for the rejection who knows Any thoughts would be appreciated
  20. Hi everyone I am new here not sure what I am doing. Any advice welcome. I am a model and have a portfolio of photographs. I have a large library of animal photography. I travelled to Mauritius and also have nice video and photo content. Any suggestions on what I can do/ sell/ gain from the above? Many thanks
  21. Nice having the video sales on the map, but from contributor perspective will be much more useful additional statistics related to the sales that pointless dots on the map. This feature was prommises few years back and still "video earnings not available". undesratnding what sold a clip will provide us better insights on customers mind therefore generating business for shutterstock AND contributors.
  22. Howdy folks, I scrambled up the NC coast for a car camping trip (literally- CR-V's make excellent tents), and to pack as lightly as I could** just brought along a static travel tripod (Manfrotto Element Large Carbon) and my Ronin-S. I executed a few pan/tilt shots when the wind wasn't terrible by keyframing with the Ronin App. Sort of a poor man's motion control. My question is about technique, as I could see it being useful in day to day shots back home: during playback, I can see that the Ronin speed ramps to get smooth motion, but I'm noticing that it's almost a bell curve: slowish to WHOA
  23. Hi! I googled and checked the technical requirements for video, but still find it unclear if Shutterstock accepts vertical video content. Please advise. Thanks, Anton
  24. What are people’s thoughts? I have a couple videographer friends who have great footage and are not SS contributors. They would cut shots to length and label. I keyword and upload on my account. Split 50/50 with payout quarterly. I think contributors with tens of thousands of clips do something similar.
  25. Hi Is there any way to change the Thumbnail of a video clip when you are submitting? Or can you change it once accepted? Also, can you write notes to the inspectors? I've seen the standard notes but would like the option on some clips to metion things. Many thanks
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