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Found 49 results

  1. Hello everyone ! I´m searching for some guidelines to upload photos of coins and bills of different countries, but can´t find any. Does someone know about the requirements to upload this kind of content?, Are these editorial images? Thank you !
  2. I have been experiencing very slow upload speeds for as long as I have been contributing. I love Shutterstock, but the slow upload speed is really annoying and time consuming. For example, I get between 200 and 300 kbs on average, wich equals to seriously long upload time for 4K videos on other sites I average between 7-12 Mbit per sec, wich equals to blazing fast uploads. Does anyone have the same issue? and possibly a fix?
  3. Have problems uploading any pics it says my pics are only 1.6 megapixels. Even tho my camera is set to take 16 megapixel pictures I have a coolpix 900 camera .and I use an iPad mini because I can't afford a laptop right now also I edited my pics on my iPads standard photo editing software that came with it .i have Adobe Lightroom but I can't add meta data on either . Help .....
  4. Hello, I see the error "Uploading has been disabled for your account. Please contact support." on my homepage and all the images on my portfolio except one are gone. It's so frustrating to get this error and not see an explanation. I have filled out the tax form yesterday and that is the only thing I can think of which could be related to this issue. Since i haven't got a reply from the support center, I'd really appreciate if anybody knows and shares what I can do to fix this.
  5. I keep getting "WARNING We couldn't read the following files, so they were ignored. If you're using a special image format, try using a standard one like JPEG, TIFF, or EPS. If that's not the problem, make sure your files end with a standard extension like .jpg, .tif, or .eps." no matter what photos I try uploading. Doing nothing different in my process than before. Anyone else experiencing issues?
  6. Are we doing some kind of processing that everything is going very slowly? What time of day are images usually processed (in az time zone)
  7. Just tried uploading a batch of videos, cannot connect by ftp. I use Filezilla, I entered ftp.shutterstock.com, my email and password. Does not connect, tells me password incorrect. I have double checked and triple checked, my email and password is definitely correct, no doubt whatsoever. I have never changed either. Anyone else had the same problem? Any suggestions?
  8. I have problems to upload my vector images, eps with jpg files, yesterday and today. Anyone out there have the same problem?
  9. Hello. I'm new to shutterstock. I can't submit photos. This is my third upload. I have one pending photo from my last upload. The others were all accepted. Apparently my account is in review mode. What does this mean? Many thanks, Matt Bolton
  10. Hello Team, I have uploaded to 8 vectors files to shutterstock.com after Uploading has been disabled on this account. Please let me issue or enable to my account. Regards, Shrikant Garg (Hearing Impaired)
  11. my account is locked. Now I see this " Uploading has been disabled for your account" in my contributor page from 13 December 2016. I sent some message to Shutterstock support contact, but no answer from them, this is normal, need to wait or write email again?
  12. Hi all. I'm a new contributor, and would like to know if it is possible to resubmit a rejected image, with no changes, as an "editorial" category image without reloading (and thus losing all the keywords, description, etc? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi friends, I am trying to upload new video content to my account. I am using Fillezilla for this, my images appear as successfuly uploaded on the Fillezilla status but they never appear on my Shutterstock "Waiting to be submitted window". I already contacted Shutterstock and they say everything seems to be fine. Anyone has this problem or know any solution?
  14. Hi there, I have been trying to upload files. The 4k video files take a very long time and time out through ftp most of the time and they are short clips. I emailed support a few times over the last few months and they do not get back to me. Is this normal? Can we send a thumbdrive or something like that with large files or am I stuck with ftp? Thank you. Brian
  15. I'm on Safari for a browser and when I go to submit my images for review I get some error messaging that a tag may be misspelled (which is fine) but then it changes all of my Titles to just one title so I have to go back and create titles again...and then more errors...so change titles - anyone else seeing this issue?
  16. In 2 days i uploaded 20-30 images. I know its not much, but there should be some result. Of all those images, only ONE is sold (accidentally i guess ) . I have small port, im newbie, im not expecting 200 sales a day (even if it would be niceeee), but one? The same goes for almost all pics i uploaded past month. So, my question for more experienced contributor is, whether to upload at this moment at all or not? On one side, uploading more means bigger port and bigger possibility to sell, but on the other hand, why to upload if all of them will be lost and buried, and anyway im selling 'old' images??
  17. I've been trying to upload jpeg images for over a week now. It keeps telling me that it doesn't accept that type of file. All of the images are jpeg and at least 5 megapixels. I've even tried uploading one at a time. I know SS is having tech problems right now but I thought I would post this in the forum to see if anyone has any suggestions. I didn't bother contacting SS because they haven't replied to e-mails I sent 2 months ago. I understand they are busy but................geez ! Anyone have a suggestion ??
  18. Hi everyone. For the last couple of days I have been trying to submit images to SS but keep getting the error message: "We can't accept the following files because we don't support that file type" Initially I thought there seriously may be an issue with my submission file types. But then after a while I decided to troubleshoot. And to my avail I cannot upload ANYTHING, not even images that are already live on SS. Hence there should be a technical issue I am facing? I am writing here because I have created several tickets but get no response O.o and I've gone as far to try calling SS Customer Care (international number) but they have informed me at this stage there is no Contributor support via the telephone and somebody will get back to me... Also for some reason SS seems to have become increasingly slow and I also keep getting a message that says "something went wrong" when I browse Shutterstock in General or view my insights etc............. I don't really like forums or participating in them but I am having no luck with answers anywhere else .... PLEASE HELP
  19. Getting this error: You recently uploaded jpg to the submit site; we were unable to process it due to invalid format. You recently uploaded jpg to the submit site; we were unable to process it due to invalid format. etc. Anyone having the same problem? Best!!!
  20. Hello everyone I have an account contributes almost a year, and I upload photos from time to time. I wanted to ask, how do I begin to upload videos? what is the process? Thank you very much, I would like to receive detailed information
  21. Hi everyone, I had recently uploaded a vector file along with a its jpeg preview (same file name etc). It was approved a couple of days later. When I clicked to view it, I noticed that it had automatically added the preview image available for download which was quite small (800px on the long side) as I had assumed this was only going to be used as a preview rather than a downloadable JPEG. Could someone please clarify as there seems to be some conflicting guides on Shutterstock regarding uploading vectors. http://www.shutterstock.com/blog/uploading-vectors-to-shutterstock-step-by-step This is the guide I followed. It clearly says the JPEG preview should be 800px on the long side at 72 dpi. http://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000006631 Now here is another one that says there is no size limit to the JPEG and should be at 300dpi. Please advice... I posted a similar topic regarding uploading a vector seamless pattern where I was advised to upload 3 files, by uploading the JPEG downloadable version with a different name? How then should I associate this with the other 2. Very confusing. Thanks in advance.
  22. I have been approved by shutterstock, then after I loging in to my accouunt there is a warning on top of the page "Uploading has been disabled on this account. Please email support: support@shutterstock.com". Why can I upload my photo or vector ? I didn't make any mistakes. I think it was an error. to shutterstock admin, please help me to solve this problem. Thank you.
  23. Hey there. The site uploader is really messed up big time. I uploaded two images the first one was fine all keywords transferred and everything worked. The second image uploaded with the first at the same time had no keywords transferred with it and then when you hit clear all nothing happens same thing when you paste the keywords into it it will not let you click them so they become part of the image so when you hit submit it shows error and tells you nothing about how to fix it such as there are no keywords even though they are there they are not boxed as they usually are and there is no way for you to box them nor clear them and it just shows 0 keywords and this is a pita trying to get anything done. I am leaving my screen where it is so if need be I can copy and paste any screen shots but I have more to upload and now have no idea what to do until this gets fixed.
  24. Hi In the last couple of months I've been having trouble uploading some of my files, but recently the issue is affecting a lot of them. The problem is, I upload the file ( vector EPS ), put the description, tags and categories without problems. When I hit submit though, it says OK but nothing is getting uploaded, nothing shows up in the review queue and I don't get any confirmation emails. This doesn't happen to all my files, but lately it's been like this for 80-90% of them. Has anyone had the same problem? Can somebody please help me? Thanks
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