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Found 124 results

  1. Hi, This image and other ten in my batch were rejected because: Not Illustrative Editorial -- This is not an illustrative editorial image. The keywords "illustrative" and "editorial" or the keyword phrase "illustrative editorial" should not be used. I don't understand Really this is not an editorial image? Should I change something in description and keywords or just send the batch again?
  2. Is there a new feature that you can´t correct editorial images, the send button is grey when trying to send the update of the photo. Should I send a request for images affected? Nothing that bad so I can stand by the caption but the question remain... Stefan
  3. As someone who lives in Washington, D.C., I am always around major news events (especially protests). What is everyone's experience with editorial images here on Shutterstock? Do you find that they sell better or worse compared to your more creative images?
  4. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and SS. Most of my photos are kind of "true-to-life" type, as I tried to catch the spirit of the moment. This photo (editorial) was rejected because not in focus. Can you please tell me how the focus fails here? Thank you in advance for your professional opinions.
  5. Sergiodiaz53

    IMG 1449

    Hello, I have some photos of fleamarkets (I love them) and similar stuff. Do you think this kind of photos are interesting in SS or not? I mean, photos related to the country. This old man, for example, is wearing a typical Tirol hat and selling antiques.

    © Editorial

  6. Hello All, I've recently come across a website ( https://tucker.liberty.me/lift-your-spirits-attend-freedomfest/) that has posted two large size copies of one of my shutterstock photos ( Stock photo ID: 530112841 ). Given that I had posted my photo on shutterstock as an editorial photo, shouldn't I expect to see an editorial credit for myself and shutterstock? what bothers me the most is that anyone can download the photo - should I be contacting shutterstock or the website that posted the picture?..I'd be appreciative for any insight or guidance on the next step. Best regards and Aloha, Phillip
  7. I uploaded a clip and selected: Editorial = NO, because it's not editorial. Now the clip got rejected: Editorial Caption -- Captions for editorial clips must include date, location, and factual descripti Any explanation why? (it was a time lapse clip of a public building, no persons. Nothing special). Thanks
  8. Hello, it's already quite a long time (at least it is in my mind) I sent a request for having the case number of an event. I sent the request with the material the 7th of December, then after one week or so I replied asking if everything was ok. Nobody answered. Is it normal this delay for newsworthy material? The event of course is already gone... Thanks.
  9. Strange circumstance with some images of Salvation Mountain in California that I submitted for editorial use. They were rejected for possible copyright breach. I didn't quite follow that, particularly as there are other images of that location on sale, so sent an email to SS support asking for clarification (I also raised it on this forum but can't find the thread for the life of me). Anyway, in the absence of a response, I decided to contact the Salvation Mountain people directly and ask if they minded use of the images. Their board considered it and, very politely, declined (not in the spirit of the founder's intentions). I have no problem with that. Coincidentally, on the very day that I got that response (yesterday), I also received a long-awaited reply from SS support asking me to resubmit and all would be OK. I'd thank Carl at support for apparently resolving the issue but I'll respect the views of the owners of the location. So the Reviewer was right it would seem, even though I was baffled at the time. In my short time in this business, I have learned to just move on in the face of a rejection. For 25c it isn't worth the time - and I'm likely to be the one at fault!
  10. I've just had two images rejected with the following reason given 'Illustrative Editorial Keyword Requirement - the key words 'illustrative' and 'editorial' or the key....' As you may know the reasons field seems limited to x number of characters, which isn't desperately helpful, so I don't know the reviewer's full reasons. Anyway, example below, submitted as editorial, it's a photograph of a model truck (the model is in my possession) with a black background. Q1: Is this classed as an illustration? I didn't submit it as such. Q2: Is the reviewer telling me that I need to include the words 'editorial' and 'illustrative' somewhere? Surely that's a metadata thing? I've looked at the SS support center and can't really find the answer. I'd email them but my last attempt at that over a week ago still hasn't been answered.... Grateful for a steer.
  11. I have some images with toy cars for rent waiting in a row for clients in the park. Can I upload them as editorials?
  12. Hi, Had two rejections that my editorial captions was not up to standard, very strange I think. Should I write down every move he/she does left right, looking forward, left, right, up, down, wondering, I settled with the name of the people in the game...feels crazy, happily some other agencies have taken the photos, but you are looking ridiculous ... Comon Shutterstock, you are better that this!
  13. Hello, It's first time for me to submit editorial vector. I have read the rules. and I thought it's simple as usual, but my editorial vector is rejected for 3 times now My vector is collection of social icons (facebook , twitter, linkedin, googlePlus , etc. ) First Time : Editorial Vector / Illustration Requirements -- Image does not meet our requirements for editorial vector/illustration submissions. Intellectual Property -- Image potentially infringes on another partyâs intellectual property rights (e.g., someone elseâs artwork is visible in the image or an object's design is protected by copyright). * this time i reviewd the editorial submission rules sand I found out that I forgot to add “illustrative editorial” in the keywordds Second Time : Intellectual Property -- Image potentially infringes on another partyâs intellectual property rights (e.g., someone elseâs artwork is visible in the image or an object's design is protected by copyright). * I really not sure what was the wrong , but I decided to re-submit it with very carful Third Time : Non-Licensable Content -- Due to legal compliance restrictions, we cannot license this content in our collection. * I really don't understand what is that . I've searched about this rejection reason but I didn't find anything ! Please advice
  14. Hello everyone, I tried to upload a picture from my trip in Laos. There is a local guy who appears from his back, you can't recognise him at all. I like this picture but the answer of shutterstock was: "Unacceptable Editorial Caption -- Caption is either missing factual who, what, when and where information, is too vague, contains inaccuracies or is not relevant to the subject matter." It happened to me in different pics, how I should proceed in order that would be accepted? Thanks.
  15. Hi there, I've been travelling for 20 months and I have a bunch of picture to upload now. My question is simple: A big part of them are landscapes, wild animals and culture activities. Should I sell them as commercial or editorial? What would you advise me? Could sell them in both? Thanks.
  16. Hello everyone! I recently started to upload a lot more editorial images to my portfolio and I've been noticing a huge boom in sales. I was wondering, in your own personal experience, if you have had a better overall success selling editorial images vs selling commercial images. Do you sell more editorial than commercial? If so, do you believe it is in your special case or are editorial pictures overall better to sell because of the lack of their implied copyright restrictions? I understand there can be a plethora of reasons for why each type of image sells better but I'm mostly curious about your personal successes with each type of image. Thanks
  17. Cant check my portfolio, every image says Don't approved or not reviews if clicked, I can go in to the catalog manager and do things like making folders etc, hope I haven't been suspended...?
  18. Hi everybody I wanted to ask, what use is allowed to do with the images that are set to "editorial"? For me, as a contributor, a picture is editorial, worth less than a Regular picture? * Hope I expressed myself clear * thank you all
  19. Hi Everyone! I'm Dennis and I am new to Shutterstock. I have uploaded a photo which was approved as one of 4, pfew. BUT I selected YES on editorial while the photo is not and I tried to change it but I can't or so it seems. Doest anyone know how to fix this? Help is much appreciated, thanks in advance!
  20. Hi Everyone! Yesterday i add over 80's photos from motocross racing event, and they have been accepted. Today im try to add more photos from the same race, and they have been rejected, because i don't have press credentials. I don't understand. Should I remove yesterday approved photos from my gallery? Example picture: http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-474869167/stock-photo-wiecbork-poland-august-27-2016-poland-motocross-championship-on-plebanka-track-mx-b-and-c-class.html?src=NK95LrbNIvSJIzhSiGoOkA-1-22
  21. An entire batch of recent video uploads got rejected because I noted them as "editorial" but forgot to follow the editorial caption guidelines. I'm trying to revise the captions before SS deletes all my uploads, but no matter which Clip ID # I enter into the edit box, I keep getting the response: "We can't find the content you wanted to edit." It took two days to upload all this footage. Please don't tell me I have to re-upload everything just because I didn't include a date in the captions!
  22. For the last month, many of the editorial footage clips I've submitted have been rejected due not having property releases. Some of this footage was shot more than 60 years ago and there is no release. According to what I've read in SS submission guidelines, editorial content doesn't need a property release. What is hard to understand about this is that some of the clips I submit are accepted without any problem - often from the same source and with similar content. What's going on? Am I missing something or are submission reviewers not consistently following SS's submission guidelines?
  23. Can somebody help me figure this out: I've got a macro footage of finger pressing the Windows key on a PC keyboard. I submitted it as an editorial and it got rejected for trademark violation. I guessed it was a mistake, so I resubmitted it... And got the same rejection reason. What did I miss here?
  24. Hi, I tried several times to upload photos and check "Editorial", however, are never accepted, and as I was sent this message: Editorial Caption - Image requires proper caption and must be tagged as editorial. Can you explain to upload them? Attach screen messages​
  25. Hi I uploaded 175 vectors to shutter stock and unfortunately by mistake I put yes to editorial but all the submitted images are commercial. After approval when I edit them the editorial option was locked. So is there any way to change this. Thanks in advance.
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