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Found 124 results

  1. I am planning to upload about 2,000 travel images I have on file. Because many contain people/trademarks etc, the majority will have to be submitted as editorial. Sorry if this question is a bit like asking 'how long is a typical piece of string?', but how well does editorial sell on Shutterstock?
  2. HI team, I uploaded an image on Shutterstock which has been rejected on the basis of intellectual property and Artwork Property Release, however, a similar image is available in non-editorial mode and that has been approved. Could you please explain what is the reason? Here is the image ID: My image ID: 1097200385, 1097200379 The similar image observed: 227520916 Could you please elaborate. Another such issue with one more image: My image: 1097177174 Similar image by a contributor: 754001920 Both the images are similar and with the same title and the other person has submitted it as NON-EDITORIAL Looking forward to your response. Thanks and Regards, Peepygraphics
  3. Whats the thing with the case number, you paste it and then..."enter","tab",or something else...
  4. Can anyone please explain why wild warthogs on the banks of the Zambezi River have to be resubmitted as editorial. Who exactly would sign the release if I wanted them to be sold as commercial?
  5. Past few weeks I have received a string of editorial rejections for captions (sometimes dozens at a time), which is annoying as I'm trying to add as much detail as possible to tell the story. I've done this for years and only now getting hit. Appears that reviewers have received instructions from management to be stricter on captions. Here's 3 examples which were rejected for that same reasons. I'm all for stricter and well-directed standards, not just random because reviewers are confused and can't verify the information at hand. Anybody else having similar issues?
  6. I've recently been on a trip to Skopje and in center of the city they have hundred statues, fountains, landmarks, memorial buildings, and while for some of them i understand, some are maybe even forbidden to submit so ill avoid submitting those that are direct landmarks to place, some of them are just known places so based on previous experience those are going in editorial. But they also have a lot of statues that are just statues, they are unknown people, there's no history tied up to them, there are also animals like tigers and lions. Some of them are just isolated statues, some of them are grouped statues with multiple people and/or animals, some of them are on the bridge, so i have wide shot of bridge with statues, some are making fountain. Some of them i just shoot partially like only shield of a warrior closeup, or spear, or helmet. So how do you submit these kind of photos, are they editorial or not, or are they even forbidden to submit?
  7. These two pictures are from Nahargarh fort Jaipur, India. It is a popular tourist destination for locals as well as foreigners. Nahargarh fort was built in the 1600s, now from where should i get property releases???
  8. Hi guys, a little advice please. I submitted a bunch of photos, and they were all rejected because they had "Unacceptable Editorial Caption: Editorial captions must describe the subject matter (who, what, where, when) and must be in English. Editorial captions cannot contain special characters or repeat words/phrases in excess." I don't really understand because my captions seemed to be pretty on point. eg. I submitted a pic of a palm frond silhouette in sunset so I named it "Palm frond silhouette in sunset"... Any advice?
  9. Can anyone help with an editorial caption? I just cant work out whats needed to get these accepted. First attempt i tried this:- BAN BANG NIANG, THAILAND - APRIL 13 2018: Motorcyclists getting wet during the Thai new year Songkran festival Second attempt tried this: Ban Bang Niang, Thailand - April 13th 2018: Motorcyclists dodge water during Songkran. Songkran is the Thai new year festival celebrated nationwide with large scale water fights For the second attached photo i tried this: BAN BANG NIANG, THAILAND - APRIL 13 2018: Thai locals in pickup trucks celebrating the new year Songkran festival by throwing water onto passers by Also rejected. Entire batch rejected for unacceptable editorial caption twice now. Looking on the library, i can see a lot of things on there with very lax editorial captions on the same subject for sale. Can anyone suggest a caption that will actually pass review? Its somewhat amusing you can submit the nosiest, out of focus, badly exposed photo with zero interesting subject matter as RF and it'll get accepted but editorial seems to be very very picky about captions. Ive submitted editorial before and always had them accepted. 27 images at 6 hours upload time each attempt getting rebuffed due to a caption is getting annoying!
  10. Hi community and SS team!) Recently I uploaded editorial vector illustration of Mark Zuckerberg on the fb logo background. I've got a rejection for the next reasons: Visible Trademark: Image contains visible brand names or logos. Title / Keyword Trademark: Title and/or keywords contain trademark issues (e.g., brand name, company name, etc). Seems someone (inspector or me) have the wrong perception about the editorial.
  11. Hi, since short time, many of my editorials are rejected for the reason of "Unacceptable Editorial Contens". One example of my last batch: " Wadi Rum, Jordan, March 8, 2018: A group of young Bedouins, a tourist and a member of the local tourist police have fun playing with the drone in Wadi Rum" So lets see: City and state or city and country where the image was taken: Wadi Rum, Jordan, seems ok Exact or approximate date when the image was created: March 8, 2018, seems ok A factual sentence that describes what the photograph: I do not understand this sentence, something seems missing WHO: A group of young Bedouins, a tourist and a member of the local tourist police, seems ok WHAT: have fun playing with the drone, seems ok WHERE: Wadi Rum, see above, seems ok WHEN: March 8, 2018, see above, seems ok My english is very poor, so maybe I do not understand everything that ist mentioned in the helping page. Can anybody help me ? What is wrong with my caption and how can I solve the mistake ?
  12. All my last editorial pictures were rejected recently, and I really don't knwo what is wrong. I always did it like this - and it was accepted... I doubt if they had just changed from "City, State, Country" to "City, State / Country" (slash instead of comma). Am I right or what could be the answear. Thank you for your help!
  13. Hello again, I'm just curious as these pics were rejected for not having a property release and visible trademark. Photos are of a former Nazi concentration camp with the "Arbeit Macht Frei" on the entry gate- is a Nazi slogan is trademark? Who would sign a release for the slogan if it's viewed as a trademark? I've seen some that were accepted as editorial but some just regular. Why the discrepancy?
  14. Good day. I've read through the comments on previous messages. It seems like approvals on Editorial work is still a major issue. On average it takes 4-7 days to approve. I'm a Photographer and Journalist Artist but I mostly do illustrative work for editorial, which means I create work for current News (not photos where I don't have release forms). This delay in approvals is really affecting my sales. My work used to sell as the stories are happening on CNN, BBC etc. because my images used to be approved on the same day. With this delay I'm starting to really worry. Once my images are eventually approved, some sell but way way! less. Please Shutterstock, please can someone sort this problem out. It's really is a major concern for me. I do have a suggestion though; Shutterstock has Commercial or Editorial sections. My suggestion is to have a button for (priority review - in the news) or a section entirely for Current News events. Whereby reviewers know that these images need to be reviewed quicker (only 'current' newsworthy images). I just hope Shutterstock realises how much they (and me) are losing simply because reviewers are either flooded with Editorial images or Shutterstock's system of reviewing simply doesn't care for with current events. I love using Shutterstock, I've always had a good experience with reviewers. I would like to keep my positivity up. Come on guys, sort the problem for Editorial approvals. What does everyone think of having a priority review system? Regards, Sergio Lacueva
  15. Hi, I have some rejected photo have only one of these rejection reason Artwork Property Release Visible Trademark Intellectual Property .... May I allow to reupload them again by just add "editorial" property´╝č hope that won't make reviewer upset or I should just ignore these photo?
  16. Is it free to sell photos that NASA has taken?
  17. i am confused, i had half of the mages excepted and half rejected for bad caption, BUT this are exampel of the images not differenz except the name of the athlete... Crazy as example this was rejected:photo ID: 1033701574 "Schladming, Austria, 23.1.2018, Sport, AUDI FIS SKI WORLD CUP THE NIGHTRACE. PINTURAULT Alexis (FRA)." this was exceptet: photo ID: 1032536491 "Schladming, Austria, 23.1.2018, Sport, AUDI FIS SKI WORLD CUP THE NIGHTRACE. NESTVOLD-HAUGEN Leif Kristian (NOR)." no differenz just the name, thats impossible for me to understand that!
  18. Does anyone has the same problem? I'v been waiting for 2 days already. Or any technical issue that I've miss it.
  19. Hello! Can anybody be of any assistance? I can't pass review with an image in spite of the fact my portfolio have already contained similar image, but in different style. The reason is "Non-licensable content". I decided to make this object in two different techniques, in order to a customer may have a choice. I'm trying to send it as an editorial content. For the first time everything was great. Please, explain, why do two almost analogous illustrations review in different ways? In attachments there is rejected one. And here accepted: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/february-1-2018-vector-illustration-oscar-1017077254
  20. Am just getting into shooting editorial content and not sure what is and is not acceptable. I have photos of public places to sell as editorial. One of these images has a child and father in the background. Would SS accept the photo as editorial with a recognizable child in it?
  21. Dear Forum Hi, can someone clarify the reason this editorial image was rejected. The reason given was for not entering the correct 'Editorial Caption' (who, what, where, when). The caption with the image reads "The cruise ship Balmoral passes through the Menai Straits, Wales, UK, 16th July 2017." Regards Richard.
  22. I know this is a SS forum but BS is SS too so I dare ask for advice here: This image was rejected for the second time for the same reason. I have already rewritten the description, still not good for BS but good for SS. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/clujnapoca-romania-july-28-2012-people-580205962?src=-qFImYCe2lDjlOwPszxMGw-1-2 Description: CLUJ-NAPOCA ROMANIA - JULY 28 2012: Deichmann store offers product discount. Deichmann is a German shoe and sportswear retail chain Reason: Unacceptable Editorial Caption -- Caption is either missing factual who, what, when and where information, is too vague, contains inaccuracies or is not relevant to the subject matter. 1. The "who, what, when and where information" does not work here because the desc. requirements are: where, when,(capital letters) and I described "who" and what" in my first sentence. It is not mandatory to repeat the date and location in the desc. text as well. 2. "contains inaccuracies or is not relevant to the subject matter" I know the image is crowded but I thought the store discount is the subject matter, though it could be the architecture (bridge) too. What else could be the subject matter in this image in the eyes of the reviewer (or yours)? I would highly appreciate any clever help. Thank you.
  23. Hello, I have a quick question: Can an editorial picture be in black and white? If the scene has not been interfered with by editing things in or out but just desaturated? The reason I ask is that I am preparing my next batch for upload and I have some pictures of downtown Graz, Austria that would look nice in black and white. For example: Do you think it and others like it will get accepted as editorial? Thanks! Emil
  24. Your most sold Editorial photo 18 times https://submit.shutterstock.com/dashboard?language=en
  25. Hello, everyone! I have a question about editorial content - why it takes so much time to approve editorial content? Sometimes I have to wait even 5 days. I guess it's too long for editorial content. such as news/sports etc.
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