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Found 26 results

  1. Sanjic

    RED LEAF.jpg

    From the album: Vectors

    What do you think about this illustration?
  2. Hi all! I hoped you guys in the forum would be kind enough to give me some feedback before I submit vector illustrations for the first time. I've read a few helpful blogs which gave tips about closing paths, ditching transparency, and deleting unused layers etc. Are there any other comments you could give me so I'm more likely to be accepted? In particular - would you suggest I remove the background colours? What would you advise about designs with objects going off the edge? Thank you! Grace
  3. Picture of the Ebro river taken in the spanigh region of La Rioja.
  4. Marina Tumanina


    From the album: Nature

    © Marina Tumanina

  5. Autumn harvest fresh autumn fruits In The basket

    © iperdana

  6. What do you think about this image? Could I've done more with the composition?

    © Myself

  7. meurmishvili

    IMG 2373

    © meurmishvili

  8. autumn scene including a black cat
  9. © meurmishvili

  10. This image was rejected by Shutterstock and before you all jump in and say "noise" "focus" "composition" I can tell you it was none of those. Nor was it "exposure" and no it wasn't intellectual property. It was for White Balance. The thing is I don't know how to fix this. I feel it should be easy to fix but I need advice. Thanks Jane

    © Jane Campbell

  11. meurmishvili


    © meurmishvili

  12. Jon M Hill


    Fall in southern California
  13. Wildheart


    A single rose in the autumn sun.

    © Michael Broadway

  14. From the album: Andi's Album

    A foggy sunrise in rural Franconia. Was on a tour with my bicycle this morning at the river Main and had a really lovely foggy atmosphere
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