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Found 64 results

  1. From the album: Countryside Landscape

    A beautiful day for walking along a trail into the countryside of East Tennessee.

    © Stephanie Cartozzo

  2. russjones27

    Reasching up

    From the album: Nature

  3. Any suggestions to improve focus on this image to get it accepted? It was shot with a tripod. Foreground shot at 1/60, f/9, 35mm, ISO 100. Sky piece shot at 1/20, f/8, 18 mm, ISO 100. The parts collaged together in Photoshop. Raw image was "clarified" to about 75 in Raw Image Editor. I reduced final image 50 percent after edits before submitting it. Should I isolate the tree and sharpen it in Unsharp Mask?
  4. so, i'm brand new to the website. this picutre was rejected based on focus issues. obviously, much of the pic is out of focus, but it's intentional. i happen to quite like the pic, but i'm obviously biased. do pictures like this often get rejected or is it more that the reviewer just didn't like it for some reason. thanks in advance
  5. pritmova

    Single ball

    From the album: Happy New Year series

    Cinema 4D

    © http://shutterstock.com/g/SahonDesign

  6. This year, I started a series of New Year. Shutterstock.com/SahonDesign
  7. From the album: Happy New Year series

    Cinema 4D

    © http://shutterstock.com/g/SahonDesign

  8. Chalermchai C

    DSC 0922

    From the album: Nature

    © Chalermchai.C

  9. Chalermchai C

    DSC 0916

    From the album: Nature

    © Chalermchai.C

  10. Jon M Hill


    Fall in southern California
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