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Found 9 results

  1. Shot from the city zoo. Sorry Laurin, this isn't a photography from Gothenburgs streets but i had to make sure if this suits as a stock image ore not. The critique will guide me for the future. Like critique from you others to Fernando

    © Fernando Delgado Lopes

  2. Frozen landscape.

    © This Old Homestead

  3. Fauve

    Ice and green

    From the album: Nature

  4. so, i'm brand new to the website. this picutre was rejected based on focus issues. obviously, much of the pic is out of focus, but it's intentional. i happen to quite like the pic, but i'm obviously biased. do pictures like this often get rejected or is it more that the reviewer just didn't like it for some reason. thanks in advance
  5. I thought that this one worked particularly well in mono. Any thoughts anyone please?

    © Mark Godden.

  6. More icebergs and black sand...

    © Mark Godden.

  7. A piece of ice sitting like a jewel on a black-sand beach in south Iceland.

    © Mark Godden.

  8. A newly calved blue iceberg on Iceland's south coast. The bergs only stay blue for a short tome after breaking from the tongue of a glacier, after-which they turn the more familiar white.

    © Mark Godden.

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