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  1. I am interested to know what type of Photos attracts more Enhanced License? Downloads?
  2. i have one more Question, we are uploading on different agencies through WS, can we delete images from other agencies through WS? or we need to request Customer service to do that on behalf?
  3. Today i registered with WireStock and found they distribute to different microstocks including SS, uploading through Wirestock have any advantage or disadvantage over uploading directly?
  4. if they take more than 1 day to review, they will reject for no reason,
  5. These two are the Top Dogs... which one would come after these in terms of earnings? and also why i cannot post more than two times a day? it is annoying i have many doubts but i cannot interact with People here Best, Asik
  6. I just Started to post images and i have 108 images on my portfolio and got my First 2 downloads last month.. i am way below 1 percent
  7. Impressive Port there, But you have 4000+ images, how you are not receiving monthly payout? how many best sellers you have?
  8. Steve, so you are using Other Micro stock websites currently? which one would you say worth our time?
  9. Thank You. for your Suggestion, I am Just starting to get into Stock Photography seriously, So i am Learning, I will take your advice and try to describe my Photos in different way
  10. Thank You everyone for responding I am Sorry, I am limited to only 3 posts per day, so i am not able to respond each and everyone
  11. That's Great Steven, how many Images/Videos were uploaded at First Payout? .... I got 105 Images and 9 Videos... Recently received my glorious First ever download
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