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  1. Greetings! Yesterday I had an image rejected for the following reason: Translation Required: An English translation is required for the non-English text that appears in this content. Please enter English translations in the title field. By "title field" I assume means "description". The description is as follows: "A cat sleeping on a book.". I also reviewed the key words, and all are also in English. Anyone have any thoughts here? I will resubmit in hopes another reviewer will see it. I really wish there was a way to add comments in the "resubmit" area.
  2. Thank you kindly! At some point I may upgrade to a DSLR. For now, I am spending time researching on how to best use the tool I have at my disposal. I really appreciate the feedback from y'all! May you all have a great evening!
  3. Thank you kindly! I am simply taking shots with the iphone 11 without any filters or any post editing. I appreciate your comments, and will work on improving this area!
  4. I am suddenly getting film grain and focus rejections on my cloud and storm photos. I am truly seeking how to fix these issues. This is a new issue, whereas I was not getting rejections on these style photos before. I submitted the batch at first and all were rejected due to "film grain". I resubmitted, and some were rejected due to film grain and some due to focus. Attached are some examples. I am very much an amateur, so I would truly appreciate it if anyone can point me in the right direction, or point out what I am not understanding here. Thanks a bunch!
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