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  1. So I sent today a filled up DMCA form to Shutterstock and I wonder how long it will take to remove the copyrighted images. Just a FYI, the clown who is selling my photos didn't take ANY of the pictures in his album, they're mostly photos from car manufacturers and/or car dealers. And he has a ton of them! https://www.shutterstock.com/g/huang+zixing Shutterstock should control this asap, this is absolutely incredible coming from a "serious" website.
  2. Is there any control at Shutterstock to figure out if the uploader is the original owner of a photo? I found exactly 56 photos from me available to download and nobody seems to care about it. I sent several emails to the dedicated services, and after a week I still didn't get an answer. Removing copyrighted photos on Amazon takes an hour, on Instagram it takes up to 12 hours, how long does it take on Shutterstock? Is there even anybody working at Shutterstock? Or can I start making money from other photographers as well? Thanks for the attention (if any).
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