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  1. Illegal Downloads I reported it to the Shutterstock office, but it would be better for everyone to know about such a situation. "I found out that there is a security vulnerability on your site. It can be downloaded free of charge by entering the link of the designs https://nohat.cc/. Even if it is not downloaded in high quality, it is downloaded without watermark and in a quality suitable for studies small size such as social media. This affects the security of our designs. I beg you to pay attention." This is how I downloaded my own design as an example.
  2. Even though I'm level 3, I earned $0.10. Great Level system. https://www.shutterstock.com/tr/image-illustration/3d-illustration-tells-about-life-inside-1884316111
  3. If you act this way, you will push more artists to competing sites. Now that such a bad decision has been made, you can suggest another way to increase earnings. For example, if you are promised that your content for sale will only be on Shutterstock, your percentage will increase. This ensures that the original content is yours alone. And you may protect the rights of the usurped artist. This is a terrible robbery! And you talk about rewarding. This decision needs to be softened as soon as possible.
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