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  1. I am trying to get my FTP Upload (which seems to work great) to resume the file transfer But I'm not sure how to check the size of the file on the server and to resume from the missing point. So you won't be able to append. dgcustomerfirst
  2. researcher at the University ofHong Kong's Public Health Laboratory who also pu Cut off diplomatic relations is the way out of Yan Limeng. MyLowesLife
  3. Someone, probably the reviewer, changed my title and shortened it to less than Is the first image live and still only has four words in the title Phil? the point is I shouldn't have to "fix" anything uploaded and approved here. Snapper", which doesn't even meet the bar for a minimum of 5 words in the title! TelltheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey
  4. Intellectual property is one of the foundations of modern business. Without effective protections for intellectual property, there is nothing to stop bad actors from stealing designs, inventions, software or trade secrets. MyBalanceNow
  5. Automatic payment of electricity, water and phone bills, loan Netflix and other OTT platforms from your bank's debit or credit cards may stop from April that they had been already given more than 18 months to comply with. upsers account
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