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  1. It left us with a bad taste... the only good thing was the educational system.
  2. Good job Vittorio, for the comparisions! Best regards!
  3. I like this one, reprezenting a good wake up coffee in the morning.
  4. Hello! That tipe of antena is a reminder of the comunist era here in Romania... Back then we only had 2 hours of national TV broadcasting, and that two hours were about how great comunism is (off topic, but that's what it is ) Cheers!
  5. Depending of the light, natural colours are the same as Grand Canyon. Of course I gave it a bit of colour grade.
  6. Hello everyone! So far zero sales! Anyway my target for June is to beat my May (BME) in downloads, which is 10 So, fingers crossed! I wish good sales for everyone!
  7. I finished May with 10 downloads 10c each. My best month in terms of downloads :))) Hopefully June is going to be more productive. Best regards to everyone.
  8. Hello everyone. I'm new to microstock so nothing big this month, 5 downloads, 10c each :)))
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