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  1. Oh, that sounds bad. Hope your chickens will be safe 😮
  2. I have that stupid problem that the first ever photo sale I did, was in 500px.com years ago and it was one 100 $ sale. And I thought it's how the sales typically are. So I was for long expecting to get more of those. Obviously I was very disappointed when I figured of how this industry actually work...
  3. Yeah, I agree. And of course we all have our own preferences. Tbh I still don't like very much of some of my own images but I guess I'll keep them there at least until I edit them again.
  4. I could easily fill my portfolio with all kind of bad quality images, but it makes my portfolio overall look very messy and I don't like it.
  5. Now when I check this, I actually think that I have less than 8%. Because I made my stupid number by just calculating what 50 is from 600. (I don't even have 600 images and few images have been sold several times) I already cleaned up my portfolio little to remove some of the worst images. I think it's good idea to keep the portfolio clean.
  6. Something around 8%. However, I'm still newcomer here. I all the time get sales in random images.
  7. Wouldn't hold my breath for that, but it was nice incident. That staff rotation indeed sounds exhausting thing. Why that has to be done?
  8. I made first time ever over 1$ sale. That single 1,27 $ is almost 1/5 of my all time sales in Shutterstock. It also was my 50th sale here.
  9. Yeah, It was just my impression based on their insights. So those are their bestsellers and I've not seen there photos without heavy editing for very long. But I also think that Adobe overall at this point is one of the sites that are rising, while many other ones are shrinking. And I agree with Sheila. It for sure looks like that if we wanted to go into the extreme with this stuff, the model release approach should be the way to go. I've actually started slowly planning to do the models also in 3d. There are tools that allows me to generate all kinds of people.
  10. My unprofessional opinion is that your portfolio is so huge and diverse, that it's maybe going to take quite long until it impacts there with full strength. My impression of Adobe Stock is that lots of heavy editing has to be done to the photos and they also like generated things. That's also why I started again doing more 3d-renderings, because I know that I can create quite fast images from popular topics.
  11. I've also been slowly thinking that uploading to shutterstock maybe is not worth for me. I've earned 5,01$ from all of this hard work I've done for them. And I've sold here 41 times. In Adobe Stock I've sold 38 times and earned 33,55 $. So even with lower sales rates, Adobe seem to work better for me. I was hoping that SS would figure out that they are doing mistake by not making photography for them profitable, but it seem to be taking much longer from them than what I was expecting. I guess big ships turn slowly...
  12. There is not enough reviews that we could do very good conclusions about what is happening there. I still think the reviews somehow have changed more negative after past few years or so. Whatever it is, I think it is interesting to see little bit through it. However, it's far from being scientific. Those are just personal experiences and I've seen awful companies having quite positive feedbacks there too. For example one whose name I am not going to mention, that's recently been accused of awful crimes - having positive feedback from their employees. I think they are probably not doing any
  13. When I see some sort of weird activity in some internet companies whose services I am using, I typically go to see what their ex employees are thinking about it. What do you think about these work experiences in Shutterstock? Just note: These should be taken with grain of salt, because there are some salty employees, also some overly positive ones too, so I think not all of them are being honest. Indeed is a website that allows people to write reviews of their old employees. Shutterstock: | Indeed.com
  14. You seem to have very good quality portfolio, I just quite randomly selected one of your newest images, but tbh I like many of your photos.
  15. For some reason this kind of images touches me. It makes me thinking of the relatives who lost someone they cared for.
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