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  1. I think there are stock agencies and then there is scam websites that are trying to benefit either from their customers, or from their contributors, or both. Not going to name any by name, but how this works is to have a website where they are trying to drive as much traffic as possible. Then the website owner earns from the ads. Typical scams: - They make it look like a decent business for a contributors and "clients" with some "professional" looking wordpress theme etc. - Often most of the stuff is already from some public domain collections, so it looks like a big site. They can eve
  2. Two Small Tortoiseshell Aglais Urticae Butterflies Stock Photo (Edit Now) 2001679373 (shutterstock.com)
  3. Thank you very much. We will see what the time will bring us in the future. Things online can also change rabidly. Yeah, it's a big number, I agree. I was lucky, because there definitely is not much special in me. I just happened to be in correct place in correct time and suddenly for few years I was only doing videos for youtube. (In 2017 I made a Facebook post and many peoples wanted to see a video about it, so I did it.) Now when I look backwards, it looks quite bizarre time in my life and I don't know where should I be going now with this my "career". I also am
  4. My channel is about 3d-modeling and post processing etc. I've let the channel to die little bit recently, but I think I could do a video about this kind of topic there without stretching too much from the original topic. After all, many 3d-modelers are here too. And what comes to the amount of subscribers. 20k indeed sounds quite impressive, but in terms of youtube, it's not actually very much. One sadly cannot be professional youtuber with that amount. I also have a problem with my accent which is additional barrier for the viewers.
  5. There is my problem that I am not having so much options here. I'm not even looking for "serious money making ventures". I only need something to be able to live, and I am not asking quite much. I already live very cheap compared many. It literally looks like that soon there is no career opportunities on almost any profession. The prices will be pushed extremely low with mass production, centralizing all production to bigger units and in those facilities workers will constantly be replaced with automation. One person will be responsible for multiple jobs, but their salaries will not go hig
  6. Probably very big amount of the people who were campaign about it, were photographers themselves. Of course SS knows that they have a very big advantage over their photographers, so it needs way bigger leverage to make any change on this.
  7. I did read some article, or blog or something. Can't remember anymore, but they said that most of their revenue is coming from pond5. I am also thinking that it's the most fair agency out there what comes to pricing. However, if I am having the same assets there and here, I bet most would select the products here, because here they don't need to pay me that much and they have no idea how rough this is for the photographers to make any profit from this business. If they were more aware of the problem, I bet many of them would like to help by giving that additional pond5 revenue. I've been t
  8. I am getting quite depressed of this job. Working like a small animal and getting only little results. These stock agencies are not making it easy for us...
  9. One bridge nearby. I wanted to make this photo look like an adventure or a metaphor of how it feels like to die or otherwise step into something unknown. Dramatic Photo Small Path Bridge Over Stock Photo (Edit Now) 2013119234 (shutterstock.com)
  10. There is something very much interesting in this situation. Those nature moments, one couldn't invent.
  11. I'm sure the whale is sometimes in my brain.
  12. Yeah, I realized my mistake with bit latency. 🙂
  13. I don't know if I over reacted, because the small print that says "editorial use only" is in the corner, but then under of the photo it clearly also says "Royalty-free stock photo " and in desktop computer with that big screen as I have, those texts are not too easy to see. I guess it's better be safe than sorry.
  14. Yeah, I didn't see it. I decided that I will update the description of all of my editorial photos to inform customers that this is not for ads. I don't wanna be part of the "small print" scam.
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