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  1. I actually don't own TV at all and I rarely watch any movies or sports even from my PC.
  2. I mean, I think individually the sales can be gone down, but then overall they still can stay the same. I don't know how SS work or how much accounts there are etc, therefore this is completely theoretical thinking. So the true reason can be something completely different, but I'll try to simplify of what I meant in my previous message. In this example we have a service that has only 1000 accounts of which everyone have only 1 photo of a dog for sale. Out of that 1000, there are 100 accounts of which everyone were selling 10 times / day their dog photos and rest of the accounts, all of t
  3. Yeah, I also watched some videos about the storm. And some trees fell also in Oulu. I am not so much into soccer, so I guess I am not going to follow it.
  4. None of them have found my little water place yet, but I bet at night and morning they will come, just like always. Some rainwater sounds cool idea also here, if possible
  5. I did put some water to my balcony for the squirrels. Just had to report this important information here.
  6. Are we sure that the sales are gone down? I mean, I've been here only very little time and I never saw the "good days", but instead the desertification of this forum. For me it's really hard to believe that SS would do something that reduces their piece of this sales cake. What I actually think is that millions of photos are still being sold, just like before, but the photos just are different ones than before. Shutterstock has something around 400 million images. If they are changing their system in a way that all of those images are sold equally, I think it would mean that one single co
  7. I learned that the nearby pond I have here, is kind of an insect paradise. There literally was hundreds of dragonflys flying around and they started becoming way too "friendly" to be anymore confortable when I was taking photos of them. Landing on my hands etc. I was kind of ok when some of them landed first, but when the mating dragonflys also landed on my hand, I decided that it's not ok anymore, they should find some better room for that. And I cannot even take photos that close with my lens.
  8. I've learned that I would probably earn better by collecting bottles from street. So far I've sold 6 images during this whole time in SS, so now I have 0,60 $. That means that I would earn the same by returning 3 empty bottles to shop recycling center... I try to not complain, but I was actually quite disappointed of how this thing is going on. I still have maybe hundreds of photos that I could upload here, but I don't know is it worth it. Maybe I just keep doing it, cause I have not much else to do. 😕
  9. Yeah, the submit page also is broken. I guess the webmaster is doing something.
  10. I am sure most would not notice if a face like that was somewhere. It needs some closer analysis to detect the fake. But is there for real a growing market for this kind of single headshots of random folks? At this moment you either need to photoshop those faces somewhere and you need to try to change the lighting manually, or use some other ai tool for that. Or, these are probably already being used in some sort of an internet scams, for which those are "perfect". But if you need 2 photos of the same "person", or smiling version, or even side profile, as far I can tell, there is no way to
  11. I am thinking, that why would they do so? Nowadays you can generate music also, but the old music stock sites have not joined that culture. Instead we have some ai music sites that generate, typically very souless elevator music. If you are willing to take hours of your time to find one good song from all the bad ones, then you can use the ai music. That's at least my experience, but maybe I am picky? https://www.aiva.ai/ If the ai will become so powerful that you can generate literally any image from scratch based on just what the user wants it to be, then you probably also can buy the a
  12. Yeah, I agree. And there is something very worrying in this idea you came up with. If we compare the Shutterstock model to Adobe model. Out of all the millions of photos, what precent of those assets is doing the "heavy lifting"? And what's the purpose of all the "other photos"? There is small portion of those photos where you have the paid model to do the acting for the image. The photographer have done some investments to get top tier good gear, they made sure that they have the model release done properly -and all that. There is no question, that those photos should be visible, beca
  13. I know this is unpopular opinion among contributors, but they might have "killed" some images, because the images become too popular. It doesn't look good for anyone, if veryone buys the same images and then we have thousands of exactly similar websites, book covers, magazines and articles. Also the clients probably feel of being cheated if they find out that they actually cannot very easily find original content. Being someone who was buying these, I for real would have wanted to avoid buying something that everyone else already bought thousands of times.
  14. When I was designing websites, it was a big joke in our office that so many websites are having the same images. When seeing all kind of company websites, I started recognizing some stock photos constantly being used. For example, if it was some sort of a helpdesk website, it always had that same lady with headphones etc. I am sure the person who took that photo, was really happy about the situation, but yeah... So, we for sure tried to find images that were at least little less repetitive to not fall into that category of "conveyor belt" design. Of course for some microstock creators th
  15. Yeah, the clients really need to put some very specific search words to be able to find some images. I was able to find your image with bulldog in bee suit with keywords "Bulldog bee". Tho. I am not sure if anyone would be searching anything that specific. They are probably just using keyword "bulldog", which will give so much content that they will probably never find your image if it's not happened to be in the first page or of some topic that has only very little photos.
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