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  1. I understand, I have never photographed with a cellphone, so I would like to explore everything, not just focus on a few issues ... it is natural that what is produced is interesting in a way, but as I said about red tomatoes, from that that I see many photos are taken in the studio or post-produced, which I would not be able to do ... I like natural light and I want to be free!
  2. Ho caricato tutto come editoriale,con il luogo e la data della manifestazione, purtroppo vogliono le credenziali di addetto stampa che io naturalmente non possiedo,,,è pur sempre una manifestazione pubblica, quindi aperta a tutti, non capisco cosa sono queste restrizioni , eppure sul sito di SS ne ho viste parecchie di queste foto!
  3. Qui è passato il giro d'Italia (ciclismo), ho ripreso tutto il passaggio e ho iniziato a caricare le foto su SS, in primis ho caricato 80 foto delle varie auto che seguivano la gara, le hanno tutte respinte , mi chiedono le credenziali di addetto stampa....ma è una manifestazione pubblica, per cui non caricherò altre foto della manifestazione! solo tempo sprecato...ciao!
  4. Hello! I also rely on other agencies including AS where I have not yet reached the minimum payment and Pond5, where I exclusively upload clips, I signed up in August, but I still don't sell anything ...
  5. Hello! I noticed that in your port there are images made in the studio or with artificial lights ... for me it is very demanding, I like to be free! Aren't you going back to Abruzzo? you know that I know Abruzzo more than my region ... we are close, I live in Molise, once we were a single region ... Abruzzo is a very complete region, it has art, nature, good food, yes approach microstock by chance I have a very large photographic archive, I like to photograph everything, but if I have to be tied up in a studio I lose my freedom ... As you have seen, my port is quite varied, it only sells very
  6. Thank you for the suggestions Robin, I will try to be more specific in the words and descriptions ...
  7. This is what I do Balajisrinivasan, but I don't know if many keywords are right, this is the real dilemma!
  8. Thanks so much for the tip, often the keywords are provided by Shutterstock and I just add something to them.
  9. In the meantime, thanks for the kind reply Steven, I took a look at the red tomatoes, many photos are taken in the studio with artificial light, nothing to complain, my problem is that I don't have a studio with lights and I often don't build the image, I only use sunlight ...
  10. I'm sorry that no one has answered your question (since February 20), I can give you my advice as a non-veteran, which is to upload lots of photos ... bye!
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