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  1. Thanks for the tips, It helps me a lot to improve my portfolio. What is average downloads you get in a month?
  2. Last week finally got 2 micro sales. Still haven't earned even a dollar . Would be happy for more helpful tips.
  3. Where can I find these rankings?
  4. I uploaded 3 photos from iphone SE 2020 - 1 got accepted, and 2 got rejected because of noise, although in good light conditions. Probably better phones will do just fine
  5. Thanks! Thats a beautiful shot, I actually haven't been in this particular place of Como seen on your picture. I agree Como is spectacular place. It's like live painting.
  6. Yeah I started to use key-wording tool a lot, it really helps. What is the optimal number of keywords per image? Also does description of image matter? What is the best way of describing - main subject first and then colours, textures and emotions? Thank you all in advance.
  7. Thank you all for valuable information. It's nice to hear some tips from experienced contributors. I have been editing my portfolio and uploading new photos, but unfortunately still no sales. My goal is to reach at least 1000 pictures in 3 month time.
  8. So far Im at complete 0 not only in May but in total Started just 2 weeks ago
  9. Hey, I am completely new to stock photography, started out of curiosity and so far 2 weeks uploading 110 pictures online 0 sales. Is this normal? Maybe I should upload different content?
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