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  1. thank you, in fact many of my pictures got used for billboards or high quality prints (according to my findings and bigger license sales). the point is that it seems that pictures are not reviewed in 100% size but in 200% or more as I am very careful with the quality of my pictures. my camera shots in 8000x6000 pixels (roughly), why should I downsize if there might be a potential client who seeks for bigger resolutions. plus the same pictures are accepted on all othe rmajor stock sites (adobe, getty etc.), do they accept lower quality? I don't think so, something is going very wrong
  2. downsizing is not an option, bigger pictures are selling better pictures are supposed to be in focus at 100% resolution, of course if you zoom into 200% or 300% they get blurry. perhaps someone should buy the outsourced workers in India some new monitors so they can approve pictures more correctly.
  3. it's completly pathetic and random. I'm posting for 4 years on shutterstock but lately it has become a lottery to get pictures accepted where there all are accepted at getty, adobe, istock etc. it's either focus or noise, 50-50 chance. funny thing is that pictures eventually accepted become top sellers and shutterstock makes a lot of money with them
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