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  1. Hello, I am uploading commercial images for the first time that require model release forms. I have a few queries regarding the same: 1. Is it okay to digitally update the MR form by entering text in the PDF format and attaching a jpeg image of the model and entering digital signatures? 2. What is the process for uploading images that require an MR: https://19216801.onl/ https://routerlogin.uno/ Is it just by selecting the content usage as 'Commercial' and then attaching the relevant MR form? Anything else required? 3. The 'Description' field follows a standard format of Locatio
  2. JPEG and PNG are very different because they have different goals. JPEG is what's called a "lossy" format, it uses very clever math to compress an image as small as possible while still making it appear the same. In this process it throws away some of the information of the image but if you keep the settings high you'll never notice (also recompressing with different base parameters will make the image progressively worse quality for each time it's saved, this is why re-shared JPEGs become blurry and blocky). Because of the way this compressin works, JPEG is not capable of storing transpa
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