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  1. Thanks Firn for your replies, in fact this particular photo at ISO 800 I think was taken in automatic mode, and I didn't pay attention to that... But thanks to your advices I was able to improve, and I got some new pictures accepted, and others are waiting :) It was just a matter of details I wasn't paying attention to. Concerning the artifact problem I noticed that there are only in photos taken with my Sony alpha 6400, is it possible that there are because it's a mirrorless? Moreover.. is it normal that I can write only two post per day on the forum? Or it's just because I'm new?
  2. Thank you for your kind response. I actually understand what you are saying. Maybe the main problem is in postprocessing? The attached photo of the Spruce branches is the original one, and it seems to me that there is less noise, am I right? I shoot with a sony a6400 and a Canon EOS 70D, so I think I'm the problem and not the equipment Moreover, I have the habit of aggrandizing my photos...didn't know that was a problem! IMG_3222.CR2
  3. Hi guys, This is my first post, so I'll present myself: I'm Nico an amateur photographer from Switzerland, as you can tell, I'm new to shutterstock. So... at first, when I submitted my firsts pics in January, SS accepted a good part of them, and as I'm still learning hot to take good shots, I didn't complain about the rejected pics. But now ALL my last shots were rejected, mainly for the same 2 reasons: noise/film grain and compression artifacts. Now...I know I'm not an amazing photographer, but rejecting all my photos seems like overkill. I check them all out 100%. I'm attaching a few he
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