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  1. Sorry for delay but thank you for this. I did not know that...
  2. I am trying to get a picture approved as illustrative editorial. All it is, is a novel from 1963 but taken today. Does anyone know why this is not accepted? Twice rejected now for 'non-licensable content'?
  3. I noticed the image review is taking a bit longer too. I guess with it being holiday time there may been less staff on
  4. Oh thank you. I use lightroom or photoshop
  5. Ok thank you so much for your advice here! I figured when I looked at them at 100% they are slightly out of focus at certain points and I guess as you say, it is a single subject, it should be completely sharp. This is going to sound stupid now... but what is the best approach to downsize the photos do you mean crop them or some other method? I am quite a novice still clearly haha
  6. I mean now I posted this and keep looking at them maybe it is fair but I would welcome constructive thoughts. It is maybe true that the lighting is too bright sometimes, so this prevents seeing some details maybe?
  7. I never normally message on forums as to be honest there are many egos and people who will knock others down. However, I am extremely concerned and disappointed that Shutterstock can bulk reject all images on focus with no other reasons. This messes with my head a bit, as I have done what I can to ensure I have focus. I am not a professional photographer but I am getting better... but for once I am going to post some of the pictures. If you want to constructively give me your views you can but please no abuse or anything
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