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  1. It will work, thank you Had the same witness in there.
  2. Thanks a lot for your fast support Linda. I will try it!
  3. Hello and sorry for my late answer. I got no notification per email and does this settings now. Sorry! The witness and contributor both are me, also the same person. Must this be different persons? Yes i use a thirdparty software named Xpiks to upload the pictures. I only changed small parts on my release, but always the same pictures/filenames. I will try to rename the pictures before uplaoding. I email SS 2 times via the contact page and told their the pictures name and the release model. The same I tried with submit@shutterstock.com This was maybe 2 weeks before. No answere
  4. No chance... Does anyone know how I can reach a person at the support of Shutterstock? There must be a people who can tell me whats wrong with my model release or not??? I uploaded that release 8 times with different changes with no success.
  5. Ok I will try it. But that was no problem with my other models.
  6. Hello, I tried it so many times and dont know what is the problem with my model release. I donĀ“t get anyone of the Shutterstock stuff to answere me whats wrong. Can anyone here help me? I had the same model release for all of my models without any problems. But this one always get a "Invalid Model Release: One or more of the attached model releases does not meet our requirements."
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