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  1. No problems here either, money arrived yesterday.
  2. Book covers or similar are not a problem in themselves as editorial. However, the cover should not be completely in focus - but here, too, the reviewers decide one way or the other. Hope this helps. Stockfoto- und Stockbild-Portfolio von Ralf Liebhold | Shutterstock
  3. Yes, it´s only because we are new here. I think my limit was lifted after 5 or 6 postings.
  4. Sorry to say, but yes there is noise and grain in the picture. For example in the area of shop entrance.
  5. Thank you, my picture is the first. I was wondering until now why the picture is sold so often under 750 Honda pages. 😄
  6. Surprise, this face looked familiar to mee 😉 Good morning Claudio. At least they have already managed to empty the pending folder.
  7. Even with editorials I am selling with same portfolio 2-3 times more at shutter compared to Adobe. In the end the monthly revenue is almost the same.
  8. I really can´t explain, why it works 😉 The only thing I can tell you is that it works - the ai is a much discussed mystery. You can try sharpen ai one month for free. It´s in my opinion the best sharpen tool on the market.
  9. Congratulations, that gives courage. What level are you? My highest sale was 80 $ so far.
  10. First, I personally would not have rejected your pictures 😉 Images taken without tripod I allways post process with topaz sharpen AI. You will see, there is an impressive difference in sharpness. In this size I can´t see any noise, mostly the sky is affected. I would slightly denoise the picture. The second picture, I would write "(focus on eyes of cat)" in the description. The AI (or whatever) seems to zoom into different areas of the image randomly, if several areas are out of focus (like your background), the image is rejected. I don´t like that too, but I am not making the
  11. Yes, that's annoying. Maybe you should show some examples. I know, no one likes to hear that here, but sometimes Shutter is right. Since I have a new lens, keeping an eye on dark backgrounds of my makros, subbmitting similar images one by one and attaching a description where the focus is, I don´t have much trouble anymore with rejections - unless i catch a very "special" reviewer again 😉
  12. Thanks for the link, that answered my question clearly
  13. The photos that you submit here, are they made exclusively for Arcangel?. Or are they photos that are already at other agencies, but have been changed via image editing software and therefore look slightly different? I myself have some motifs that I could imagine as a book cover, but they are already distributed at several agencies. Excuse my English, but this would also have been a difficult sentence in German 😉
  14. Steven, thanks for sharing your chart. I have started in 2019 too. My chart would look very different from yours. With growing portfiolio I have since then a continuous increase in downloads until now 400 DL/month.
  15. Even shorter - I try to ignore them😉 For me is more important, what I have in my pockets at the end of month. Regarding this, Shutter is for me still in first place, followed by Adobe.
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