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  1. Getty owns iStock, but they are 2 different agencies. With Getty you can only offer exclusive, but then you get a better payment. At Istock there are actually many sales in the single-digit cent range. Nevertheless, the agency is worthwhile for some, because the mixed calculation with higher sales works out here. This was not the case with me, my worst month was over 100 sales with an RPD of 6 cents - and that several times. I stopped uploading here over a year ago. In turn, Dreamstime and Alamy are doing quite well for me. In my opinion, there is no way around uploading the entire p
  2. Same for me since today. Advertising for the German party FDP, financial services, cars, furniture, etc.. Seems to be a new source of revenue for Shutter.
  3. That is also my impression. The review intervals are too irregular for an AI. In addition, an AI is unlikely to have weekends off. I also believe there are underpaid reviewers working there, supported by AI at best. But that doesn't change the fact that the review is annoying.
  4. First I had to google "finnicky", I have never heard that before 😏 Yes, it´s my impression too, that shutter is more finnicky. Compared to months before, I also get significantly more rejections with strange, sometimes incomprehensible reasons. At least I am learning some new words, before I never had problems with "posterization".
  5. Same experience for me and and apparently no more review on weekends. Actually, I don't care, but for current topics this is conceivably bad.
  6. So I make most of my money with editorials, preferably niche images with little competition. At Alamy for example , such images also sell for three-digit amounts. For landscapes you need luck. People fototgrafie might work best with model release.
  7. Absolutely not. As Wilm has already written, editorials are not just editorials for fun. The buyer is welcome to buy your image as an editorial, if he then wants to use it commercially, it is his responsibility.
  8. For me, something has changed with the review in the last few weeks. Previously, I had only few problems with rejections. Apart from the fact that the review has become extremely slow, I have almost 90 % rejections for focus in the last two weeks. This is quite unusual for me. Maybe the chinese Spamers took over the review 😬
  9. Debbie ,I had similar problems after a kitesurfing accident - and my shoulder was only a bit fractured. I couldn't sleep for weeks - all seasons of "the walking dead" and "breaking bad" gave me a good distraction and some night's sleep in a special position Unfortunately i did not had any chinese spamers for time distribution πŸ˜‰ Wish you all the best and soon recovery.
  10. @RepelsteeltjeI think, I got it now and please go on with senseless posts. πŸ˜‰ btw, I have sold some pics from my latest cycling trips around Roermond and Arnhem. Landscapes in Netherlands are selling pretty good.
  11. Chris, I think there are different ways to cope with the focus-rejection problem. Myself, in case of images with selective focus, describe in the title in brackets where the focus is. In your case: (selective focus on upper central petal) or (focus on water drop in center). Provided the described area is really sharp, you should not have any more problems with the review.
  12. Thank you Thijs, I only look in here occasionally and at the moment itΒ΄s a bit frustrating reading here. Yesterday I thought, that now everyone is going crazy here πŸ˜‰My apologies to Repelsteeltje.
  13. What have you smoked today?πŸ€ͺ You should change your dealer . About 20 pointless comments. Great Job. I have joined here only recently, but the whole thing here reminds me more of an insane asylum .... additionally then the whole chinese posts 😏
  14. Same for me, Wilm. For example, one of my photos has been in the TOP 5 for "closed restaurant" for over a year and has been bought several hundred times in the pandemic. When I put the quality filter on, the image is no longer visible. Crazy.
  15. No problems here either, money arrived yesterday.
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