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  1. ALL of my missing files have appeared (that's like 150 of them for the record.) Woohoooo! Have other people's appeared too???
  2. This is what I keep wondering too.... like ok hopefully they will appear sometime, right, but by then won't the window for them to be found 'quickly' and therefore be highly rated by the algorithm be up? And will they appear far far away from the fresh images by then too, probably? Like if they finally appear a month from now only to sit on page whatever of our new stuff, they will mostly likely just be ignored. 😒
  3. Ohhhhh I had NOT noticed that cuz the android version of the app doesn't ever show keywords. Opened it on the iPad and saw that was true. Oddly the thing I have been noticing is that the ones that disappear are more often than not my favorites 😆. Go figure. Probably coincidental.
  4. I have been having the same problem for dayssssss. At least half of my images (70-ish submitted per day) that have been approved are not appearing. I did submit a support ticket and haven't heard back. Kinda frustrating, but I shall try to be patient. 🥶
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