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  1. Any information relating to or disclosed in the course of negotiating and implementing the Agreement, which is, or should be reasonably understood to be, confidential or proprietary to the disclosing Party, including, but not limited to, the content of negotiations between the Parties, the material terms of this Agreement, information about SyndiGate.
  2. My advice is Thats enough flower snapshots. they Have to be spectacular to sell. They must be unique for any chance at all. Im sorry for being Honest But yours Look Like your just walking around taking snaps. Just getting images approved is the easiest Part and it means basically Nothing as compared to having Images that sell which is quite difficult especially Now with them adding 900,000+ EACH WEEK. Unique is Photographing What Turns "YOU" on, forget sales and all the other silly stuff people get Hung up about, NO ONE knows what will Sell and NO SITE. Experience can only tell us what do
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