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  1. Hello, I have a huge problem with uploading my video files via FTP and web form upload as well. Some of my video files are just impossible to upload at all although they have exactly the same export parameters, same resolution (all of them are 3840x2160), same PhotoJPEG codec, same 30fps speed, duration between 15-25sec, all of them less than 4gb. If I use webform to upload I have a message saying "There was an error uploading the following files" at the end and files are rejected, if I use FTP upload - files are just staying at FTP server without processing for days. I've alr
  2. Hello, I have 16 footages that were reviewed and accepted the 6th and the 7th of February and are still not visible in my portfolio after almost 20 days. I can see a preview icons of all these footages in my "reviewed" section but when I click on details it shows this error message: {"error":"Error getting media F1066914451 Preview URL not found for media 'F1066914451'"} Here are the ID numbers of all these accepted footages: 1066886359, 1066886920, 1066911856, 1066910794, 1066913398, 1066911868, 1066911964, 1066912231, 1066912234, 1066914604, 1066913479, 106691
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