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  1. What's everyone's favourite model release app? I'm using Easy Release which is fine, but it doesn't seem to have an interface where I can input model info on my desktop computer ahead of my shoots.
  2. I don't know for sure, but I've had issues sending in unrendered product specific video to clients, as the clips might not integrate into their editing systems. Best to edit the clips and output them to your regular output standard.
  3. A friend of my dad has one and its a great lens.
  4. The free apps included in your operating system may be okay for images that don't need any post processing, but otherwise aren't much use. I use Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, which have built in noise reduction filters and can be licensed for $10US per month. Keep in mind that noise reduction software basically just blurs the image, so it only gets you so far. Camera noise is directly related to the size of your camera sensor and how much light you're dealing with. Larger sensors handle lower light better than smaller sensors. Most top end pro cameras have sensors the size of old 35m
  5. Godox AD400 and AD600 strobes have really powerful modelling lights built into them, although they have way too much fan noise for audio recording. If you're doing food at any serious level, those are great units.
  6. I'm just getting into shooting stock photography after a long career as a commercial photographer. I have a couple of quick questions about video quality. My Nikon Z6 shoots great 1080p video at up to 120fps, and that's been great for what ever video needs I had in my commercial career. However, the frame rate at 4K tops out at 30fps. For stock sales, what percent of sales are at 4K, and what about high frame rate video? Is it worth upgrading to something that shoots 4K at 60fps?
  7. I'm just getting back into submitting stock images and have been running some file images as a test at the moment. For my model released content, I keep getting the 'Invalid Model Release' rejection. I'm using the the default Easy Release phone app which has been fine for all the other commercial shoots I've done. Anybody have an idea what's up with that?
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