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  1. Really interesting breakdown. From my experience as a newspaper and commercial photographer, I find graphic designers are overwhelmingly looking for background images. When I do a commercial food shoot, I often photograph the dishes on a plain grey background, then it's stripped out and plated onto a background image, or often several background images. As for regular photos, the most used stock photos seem to be business oriented team photos. The "two men in suites shaking hands" genre. Back in the day photographers made a fortune off these shots, but today I don't know how you make
  2. Some nice graphics, but stock really is a time and numbers game. I'm on the photo side of things, but I find that you need hundreds of submissions and at least a few months for the gears to get moving before you start making any kind of income.
  3. I always use H264 at about 32 bits per second. I also use the two pass processing, which is noticeably cleaner.
  4. I've had that same problem for South African city and town names, like the townships KwaMashu and Umlazi. The AI can't handle it.
  5. I've heard terrific things about the DJI Mavic S2 and it's only USD $1,000
  6. Hey why not? Who knows? I suspect that the photos are far too general in their subject matter to be of much value, but you never know. You also need to get way more specific in the image descriptions. Just "national park" isn't going to get you very far. For example, something like "Olympic National Park on Washington's Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest." will get you a lot more traffic. Somebody might need a photo of that specific park and maybe you have the only photos.
  7. Just download directly from the SD card via a quality card reader, like a Lexar, or you might have an SD slot built into your computer. Transfer the files manually into a folder, not using some app import feature. Make sure to format the card when you put it back in the camera.
  8. They still need a model release for the rest of their body.
  9. As a commercial photographer, my workflow starts in Photo Mechanic, which is a very simple and fast piece of software designed for photojournalists, to make an initial selection of of phots which I then export to another folder, then I import that folder into Lightroom. In Lightroom, I have it set to automatically apply Adobe Portrait picture profile, and slide the highlights back about 30% and the shadows forward about 30% 90% of the time, that's all the basic processing the photos need. Once I have the photo basically there in LR, I export it to Photoshop for final bit of processing. LR
  10. Probably fine. Texture is more about lighting and processing. Make sure to use a hard light source, and if you're in Photoshop or LR, pick a high key image profile, like Adobe Landscape.
  11. There are serious issues with the AI image review. One thing I've found is that not a single one of my night sky images has been accepted because of 'Noise'. When I checked the files they were really clean, so I think the AI is reading the stars in the sky as noise, same as with shots with a lot foliage or secretive focus. When you think about the tens or hundreds of thousands of images coming through on a daily basis, it's hard to imagine that they could physically check all those images without at least some AI filtering. I wouldn't take take the reasons for the rejects that litera
  12. You're licensing work from one agency and trying to sell it on another agency and you wonder why they froze your account?
  13. Just use the camera's native resolution, don't downsize or upsize the shots.
  14. What's everyone's favourite model release app? I'm using Easy Release which is fine, but it doesn't seem to have an interface where I can input model info on my desktop computer ahead of my shoots.
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