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  1. This may be the case - I find Shutterstock is extremely picky, I haven't had any problems uploading to Adobe or Pond 5 and getting stuff accepted there. It's only an SS problem it seems (that and I truly don't think my camera was made for great videos but I'm not able to upgrade right now).
  2. Thank you for the tip! DaVinci Resolve seems to be the way to go, I've heard good things and if I can reduce noise by using it then I'm sold
  3. The ND filter is a good tip, I'll shop around. All my videos online to date have been shot on a canon 70d but i agree with you, it's not a great camera for video
  4. Sure! I shoot on a Canon 70D — mostly at 100 ISO with low f-stop and shutter speed twice the frame rate, often much more though (if i'm shooting outside in bright light). Thank you for that tip! I haven't heard of ProRes Codec before but I'll definitely look into it now.
  5. Hey everyone — looking for tips on how to reduce noise in video clips. About 90% of my clips are rejected for noise and I have yet to find a free software that gets rid of it adequately (I know Premiere Pro has a feature that fixes this, but I don't work with video often enough to justify paying for the subscription). Does anyone have tips? Keen to move past a photo-only portfolio as it's not generating the earnings I want
  6. A pink lotus flower blooming among green lily pads in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore, April 2019 - small red dragonfly perches on the flower.
  7. Today I tried uploading a picture of a plain napkin and AI rejected it as editorial content. What is happening.
  8. Looking them over now, you're both right. My screen is probably not calibrated correctly - I'll look into this! Thanks for the advice
  9. Hi everyone! New contributor here looking for advice on how to improve my photography (and increase downloads). Currently, I've had about 3 downloads and have 130 images and 5 videos in my port. Here's the link: https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Jade+Prevost-Manuel Are my pictures competitive enough for today's SS market? Do I need to edit or compose them better? Am I taking pictures of the wrong things? How can I make my pictures better and where am I falling short? Appreciate any advice. Cheers, looking forward to connecting with this community. JPM
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