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  1. I recived an email two-three days ago and they said that it was an error and I will recive the payment on the next payment cycle, so in March until 15. I hope so. i will be back here if this does not happen until march 15th.
  2. I did not recive the payment for my earnings yet on Paypal, but you notified me about the payment in my account on december 2020. My tax form is ok, the paypal account is ok, I did not change it and I recived last year another payent from you. I am waiting for a response from your colegues at submit@shutterstock.com, " but after ~two weekes they have no response for me yet. It's been a month since the payment had to reach my Paypal account and nobody tells me why the money did not arived at me. the earnings was reset to zero by the start of january Form W-8BEN approved on 12/17/1
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