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  1. Hi Everyone, as I am as new to replying to these forums as I am to Shutterstock I wanted to say a huge thank-you through this comment... Hopefully it is in the right place. I will defiantly work on the image description as this I know lets me down greatly and not just here but in everyday pictures. I really appreciate all the help you have given and will find different ways to do what I do so that it is out side the box a bit more. I loved the bee comment Repelsteeltje and will do more on that but as a beekeepers wife I didn't think others would go with that I have so many close ups of bees fo
  2. I am new and maybe mine aren't good enough yet for sale purposes, would love others opinions. I have only 45 photos uploaded so far. All critic is welcome.
  3. I now have 39 photos up and they range from fire, landscape to art/nature shots.... Just wondering if anyone could tell me weather shots like the ones I show really sell or I have to think differently... I live in a beautiful landscape area so would like some advice on what really sells as I am really new to this. Thanks in advance
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