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  1. i didnt see a notification saying people have replied to my topic and only now i saw all of your replays. thanks a lot for the information and good words. it does give me more motivation =]
  2. My name is Noa, Ive been selling for few years in shutterstock. I have 145 photos and, 121 photos that have sold. for these 121 photos I recieved 28 dollars until now. It seems that somthing is working for me but still i see almost nothing from it. it seems to me quite odd to recieve such a small amount for 121 of my photos that have been sold. does it come ever come up? sometimes i just want to erase my account and leave it because i dont seem to get enough hope from it. I would love to get some tips or advices for what to do in order to make more income from shutter stock.
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