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  1. I would just choose caucasian instead of european. I don't think it is what they have problem with but it is worth trying.
  2. Oh I feel better I am not the only one. Hopefully they will fix it soon.
  3. Hi I pretty much cannot do anything. I can't access catalog menager, can't submit anything, check rejected etc. All I have is blank page or a really weird page (something like with no css?). It happens on every browser + phone too ( I just deleted the text from two boxes on top but everything is as it is right now -epmty.) Please, did it happened to someone too?-
  4. https://www.shutterstock.com/pl/image-photo/isolated-dark-picture-crossbreed-cat-bright-1850808982
  5. Hey I am using Nikon D5300 with kit lenses 18-140 mm. I definitely think it is decent but I have a loooot of rejections. Especially landmarks are often rejected and I need to put quite a lot of time in these photos and sometimes need to try submit it a lot of times before getting accepted which is time consuming. Closeup, wildlife rarely have any problem but because of my lenses I really need to remember about light. Outdoor daylight images are fine. It is possible to shot with it but It requires a little more work. After a while you will figure out what they accept, how to edit images f
  6. Heey I tried uploading preview for vector and every single time it is uploading seperately. I believe I have read and watched everything and it just see jpg and eps as two different files. I know we don't have to do it anymore but can we? I think with preview jpg colors are way better so I wanted to do it but now after so many tries I cannot find what I am doing wrong.They are always same name, in the same folder and I tried different settings and none of them seems to work. Is shutterstock no longer accepting previews and I missed something?
  7. Heeey I wanted to upload my vector with jpg as I don't really like how it changes olors if I don't. I can't find what I am doing wrong. Jpg and eps are in the same folder. They have exactly the same name and I tried with full size jpg as well as small size but system is telling me the jpg is too smile so I assume it can;t recognize it as thumbnail. Anyone knows where my mistake might be :(?
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